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Laundry tablets - — Say no to the excessive packaging! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Laundry because of its compact, portable, easy to store, etc got the favour of broad consumer. Actually outside these obvious characteristics, laundry has more significant contribution in environmental protection.

with the increasing of population, single parent families gradually increased, and more and more young people choose the single this way of life, phenomenon of excessive packaging of goods is a trend of rising. In order to meet the needs of the way of life, go to the supermarket, the ubiquitous independent packing food, buy the general cleaning products not only occupy a space, easy to leak, packing also larger & hellip; … All of these different factors caused the commodity packaging more and more directly.

the excessive packing of the goods produced a large number of garbage, waste of resources, and environmental pollution, but also increased the commodity costs, damage the interests of consumers. At present, the phenomenon of the excessive packing of the goods are increasingly cause the attention of the society, more and more people start to say no to the excessive packing of the goods.

today, people gradually realized that for commodity packaging is its role, is required, but excessive packaging is not desirable, and unnecessary. In order to save resources, protect the environment, should change the phenomenon of the excessive packing of the goods.

laundry piece of this product fully consider the reality of the problem, in environmental protection has done much to packaging, use of packaging is the highest degree of degradation, beneficial to ecological. Laundry tablets because of their size advantage at the same time, compared with other cleaning products take up less space, packing small volume. For example, in a foreign country, concentrated laundry tablets is replacing the traditional washing powder, the packaging volume is only 1/5 of 30% of the traditional detergent, laundry detergent. Therefore, concentrated laundry increasingly recognised by foreigners.
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