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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
In the progress of science and technology development, with the rapid development of Internet technology, makes the upgrade of our products is protean. For washing industry, the country advocating science, green product consumption and so on goals to protect the environment and sustainable development of this theme, developed a new generation of laundry artifact and quickly spread in the market, it is the laundry.

laundry sheet window in where?

laundry tablets is a product of rapid development in recent years, more support and love from many people. For often wash the clothes, long-term exposure to wash clothes or laundry detergent, both hands is often easy to red hot, this is due to the injured skin by injury, severe hand also will appear the phenomenon such as peel molting.

appear this kind of phenomenon is due to the common washing products and fluorescent agent, such as bleaching chemicals. So don't contain a chemical that harm human body wash products, become the urgent goal. In this case, in order to & other; Safety, health & throughout; Known for his laundry tablets in many washing products stand out, and not only not hurting hands, decontamination ability is strong, favored by more and more people in the life, spread rapidly in People's Daily.

laundry selling point:

easy to carry, nano concentration, the stronger effect. Diversified product function, safety, health and environmental protection.

1. With German nanometer adsorption technology, a 4 g can be laundry 3 kg. A box of 24 pieces, but 72 kg washing.

2. Clean force is 6 times of the laundry detergent, the weight is one of the 25 points of laundry detergent. The price is a big one of the two points of laundry detergent in the supermarket.

3. Do not contain phosphorus, do not contain fluorescent whitening agent, green environmental protection, does not hurt the clothing, the PH value neutral, washing clothes of water can fish, all treasure mom may feel relieved cleaning children's clothes, do not hurt the skin, clothing is more soft, wearing more comfortable.

4. Continuous leave technology the perfect fusion also light sweet sweet water taste, can make be washed clothes lasting fragrant 40 hours.

the reason why many people choose laundry tablets there are three reasons can be summarized, healthy environmental protection, strong decontamination ability, can effectively guarantee the healthy body, the green, pollution-free. Laundry piece and color piece, and reveal great ambition, passion, lighting market is bound to replace traditional inferior wash products. Laundry dominate the new ideas of washing, take you into the healthy, convenient, science and technology of washing new pattern. Laundry, protective clothing color as before, from now on mixed wash, safe and healthy. This window will be many unique choice!
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