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Laundry tablets solve your sorrow of laundry! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Nano super concentrated laundry sheet is to use Germany technology research and development, and super easy usage, dosage is very good to control, one can wash three kilograms clothes, clothes in the washing machine, throwing a baby in directly, if there is a rub off clothes, into the soft nest mother color will be fine, don't worry about clothes series of dyeing, saving water is convenient, all colors can be mixed to wash the clothes.

second, our laundry piece of bright degree of the long-term use can keep your clothes, hand a touch will know the difference between a and laundry detergent to wash clothes, and do not contain fluorescent agent, phosphorous close-fitting clothes we must pay attention to oh, especially the baby clothes, baby's skin is soft, fragile, many babies often a rash or skin redness, the fluorescent agent and clothes have more or less.

with the laundry so not only health and safety, the dosage is also very accurate, a box of equivalent to two barrels of laundry detergent, reckoning is a bargain, so cost-effective and so healthy thing why not? Age in progress, more and more developed science and technology, from soap & ndash; — Detergent & ndash; — Laundry detergent & ndash; — The laundry, will become a washing industry to be bestowed favor on newly.
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