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Laundry tablets to bring a new washing feeling! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Dear friends, are you still with the strong alkaline detergent and heavy laundry detergent? Are you still in for all kinds of stains on the clothes, fruit stains, perspiration wash not to drop the trouble? Haven't aware of the dangers of fluorescent agent health? Don't worry, super concentrated laundry tablets, science and technology change life, create fashion and convenient laundry new fashion! The laundry experts around you, for lazy oh! In order to solve the problem of the traditional laundry is not convenient, we through trial and error, technological innovation and high concentrated laundry tablets was born.

1, a 4 g & other; Throughout the paper &; Can make 3 kg clothes magically clean! Everyone feels particularly shocked, that is the beauty of super concentrated laundry piece of technology. The adopted technology of the super concentrated, are cutting edge! 02 six times clean! Laundry cleaning force is six times that of the traditional laundry detergent, but weight is one of the 25 points of laundry detergent is less than a simple analogy is, wash the clothes need to 25 people work before, now as long as a person can be completed, and completed the effect increased by 6 times, so on regardless of space time and cost, for you have greatly save the
2, no phosphorus, super concentrated laundry plants, environmental protection, protect the health of you protect your living environment, traditional washing products technology behind, often use phosphorous chemicals as additives. But phosphorus can irritate the skin and cause damage, phosphorous sewage are released into rivers, lakes, the water ecological system is destroyed, seriously affect the quality of soil.

3, traditional washing supplies, fluorescent whitening agent, an excess of fluorescent whitening agent to produce a harm to human body, the fluorescent whitening agent of excessive damage skin, as a result of a technical problem in the past, washing products in order to achieve clean effect, have to add fluorescent whitening agent, various countries have clear regulations on the additive, because the fluorescent whitening agent is hurt personal health. But super concentrated laundry tablets directly without the additives, laundry let you health, health dress!

4, with super concentrated laundry washing clothes of water, flowers have no problem! This is not unfounded. Super concentrated laundry without additives, nano decomposition is a new technology, PH value neutral and is environmentally safe. So, super concentrated laundry laundry used water is harmless.

5, super concentrated laundry for you and your family's security commitment! Traditional washing products, harmful additives, hurt the skin, especially for children's skin is more likely to cause harm, we usually wear underwear residue will cause skin disease, etc.

no harm skin additives! To the baby and the safety of pregnant women can be very assured the use of ~ is so capricious! Price is only one of the two points of laundry detergent, super concentrated laundry a box of 24 pieces! But you can clean 72 kilograms of clothing. 7. 5 kg amount of laundry detergent cleaning! Price is only one of the two points of laundry detergent! Super concentrated laundry piece of easy to carry and go out to travel, take a box of laundry, rather than take the heavy laundry detergent, laundry from now on become very simple! Mother don't have to worry about my smelly socks, making convenient fashion a new life!
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