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Laundry tablets to tell you, why do you say it is with detergent, laundry detergent has left behind! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Daily variations in the new times development, and common people in the home washing products also occurred earth-shaking changes, people began to look out the traditional detergent, laundry detergent, and choose of laundry.

the main reason is that because of the traditional washing products added unhealthy ingredients, such as the following:

cancer: fluorescent whitening agent is a kind of chemical dyes is not easy to break down, with the pores, enter human body, skin, viscera, each system to produce serious harm to human body, and even cause cancer.

infection: fluorescent whitening agent will pass with proteins outside the skin wound, prevent wound healing.

of department of gynaecology: fluorescent whitening agent through underwear contact with women's private parts, cause a variety of gynecological diseases, such as: leucorrhea abnormality, vaginitis, ulcer of the uterus, breast, etc.

the itch: fluorescent whitening agent through contact with human skin caused by skin allergy symptoms such as pruritus and erythema, papula.

wounded child: the child contact fluorescent whitening agent after prone to chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, bloody and other adverse reactions. Protection of children and the elderly to eliminate phosphorous washing products!

and traditional strong alkaline washing products or clothing quality natural enemies.

strong alkaline: will rot the molecular properties and structure of the deep, cause wash wash more hard, more the old, the washing quality is poorer. The clothes will become loose and flexible aesthetic feeling lost. Not durable, many times is not the quality of the clothes out of the question, but is strongly basic destroyed the sort of clothing fabric, resulting in the clothes of shorten service life. Bright clothes washed several times to become bleak, due to strong alkaline corrosion the dye clothes, exacerbating the color dodge this process.

so, traditional washing product unhealthy but will also cause the breakage of the luxury clothing, ShangCai.

and a small piece of super concentrated laundry piece, let washing a big innovation.

  1. Health: no phosphorus no fluorescent whitening agent, can be at ease to wash underwear and children's clothes.

  2. Strong: nano cleaning technology, active material is as high as 46%, decontamination strength higher than that of traditional cleaning products.

  3. Moderate: neutral PH value, no alkali does not hurt his hands does not hurt the clothes.

  4. Portable: nano super concentrated technology made a 4 g, convenient storage and carry.

  5. Aroma: miss dior spent overflow honey scent, clothing fragrant 36 ~ 48 hours

6. Benefits: a piece of 3 ~ 4 kg washing, dosage is easier to handle and more saving.

in view of the above the health advantages of laundry tablets, how come so people don't know how to choose? Believe that only can meet the demand of the public, at ease at ease using innovative health products to ensure a reliable source and a steady stream of customers.
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