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Laundry tablets who is 'thin' hair, on a business trip travel good helper! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Should have at least two impulses in life, one is for love, the one to say come away trip. If you don't walk out, you will think that this is the world. Tourism is a way to relax. Second, travel to different places, can enjoy different ethnic customs, enjoy the different cultural landscape, increase your knowledge. But there will be a series of problems in the travel.

will carry on business travel laundry, short words can take a few spare, go home together again after washing, but when the trip for half a month, then change the question becomes, you could not take the heavy laundry detergent pulling heavy suitcases all around, travel light can add cent for your journey.

laundry piece 1 piece only 4 g, can be 3 kg dry wash clothes, roughly 15 pieces of clothing, as thin as cicada, small concentrated, easy to carry, do not contain fluorescent agent, no phosphorus formula, let your journey carefree, with PuFang, come away trip to a said.

and you say a secret oh, laundry strong decontamination, pure and fresh and fragrant, safety and health, green environmental protection. Bright as new after washing! Washing clothes, the preferred laundry!
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