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Laundry take you into the new idea of healthy environmental protection - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Times are changing, the environment is changing, as people life rhythm speeding up, health demand has increased, in the traditional with soap, detergent, laundry detergent washing market pattern as the main force, a new way of washing & ndash; — Laundry tablets in the circle of friends frequently, electricity and other online shopping platform, this marks the prelude to China washing market disruptive change in the pattern of the, every flash & other No phosphorus & throughout; “ Without fluorescent whitening agent & throughout; “ No talcum powder & throughout; New advantages of health products, health laundry into a new era.

big health problems
according to the survey, about 4000 home cleaning products manufacturers in China, the Chinese washing market market capacity is 300 billion yuan a year, laundry detergent to occupy the largest market share. Controversy about laundry detergent additives in recent years, however, is becoming more and more heated.

common laundry detergent, currently on the market generally contain fluorescent whitening agent, proteolytic enzyme, the composition such as sodium tripolyphosphate, many housewives worried these additives not only damage, but also for old people, children are dressed skin damage.

laundry tablets, marked the washing market change window has been opened, solve the problem of the harm such as fluorescent whitening agent & throughout; , industry insiders said. Adopted the latest nanotechnology forming super concentrated technology, using the latest powerful scouring technology of active matter, without phosphorus fluorescent agent, its PH value neutral, bacteriostatic, long-term moderate does not hurt the hand.

contribute to environmental protection
research pointed out that the widespread use of laundry tablets is a contribution to the cause of environmental protection for the country. According to relevant data shows, in our country, laundry water accounted for a third of all household water, according to estimates, China laundry water consumption at least 3 billion cubic meters a year. Among them due to the participation of all kinds of detergent, cause a large number of polluted water can't help, and it is hard to handle.

experts said that if all adopt concentrated laundry, only Beijing can save $200 a year the amount of water in kunming lake. And laundry produced sewage is also very easy to handle, won't cause too much pressure on the environment.

swept China market as we have learned, laundry already popular in Europe and America market for many years. Introduced into China in recent years, laundry tablets with light, clean, health, environmental protection and other advantages bring YiGuJin wind for the Chinese market. “ Throughout China, laundry is experiencing a savage growth stage &; , laundry sheet production enterprises shenzhen health biological technology co. , LTD. , said tuft is already on the market at present all kinds of brand, not only a big advertising campaign, but also set off a price war.

the personage inside course of study thinks, and conventional washing supplies, laundry is a new product under the background of the Internet, not only the characteristics to meet the requirement of the age of the Internet, the marketing channel also should rely on the Internet. Products and sales ideas such as laundry tablets are fully reflects the characteristics of the Internet age.
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