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Laundry tip: these clothes you must dry cleaning, laundry has nothing to do with me! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Dry cleaning or washing, depends on the clothing washing logo, the material, and the kind of stains. If you do not according to the cleaner's front desk reception staff to inform tips, if the laundry dry cleaning problems, really has nothing to do with the laundry!

01 class1。 Coated polyester

the drying temperature of dry cleaning solvent and dry cleaning procedures, may lead to coating solution, melting, stripping and damage.

02class2. Electrostatic flocking clothing

flocking processing adhesive process determines the strength of the suede and fastness, wear natural friction and dry cleaning solvent will be unavailable for such clothing nap cause a different degrees of wool fiber damage.

03 class3。 Artificial leather and synthetic leather accessories clothing

whether PVC artificial leather, PU leather or synthetic leather, is likely to be due to the chemical property of dry cleaning solvent and dissolving characteristic, cause artificial leather dry cleaning after stripping, degumming, harden and crack and other damage.

04年四班。 Feather clothing

dry cleaning will degrease the filled with down and feather, pollution leakage may result in different situation, some feather clothing fabrics made waterproof windproof coating processing, the adhesive material is generally not resistant to dry cleaning solvent. According to wear in the down jacket production characteristics and functions, take bath can maintain good wear down jacket with more performance.

05 class5。 Decoration more clothing

some beading and sequins in dry cleaning will melt deformation, some use stick stick act the role ofing is tasted more will fall off due to wear and dry cleaning. Some larger cutting can not dry cleaning, it is best to remove the design, so dry cleaners will do protective measures in different cutting or remove the buttons after dry cleaning, washing after seam binding.

06 class6。 Color shades and dyeing rickety not resistant to dry cleaning phase clothing

when such clothes dry cleaning easy string color.

for these are not suitable for dry cleaning of clothing, formal clothing manufacturers will be tested before listing, and mark the correct washing label, consumers and laundry should be according to the washing label, select the most appropriate way to clean.
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