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Laundry tips! Help you laundry province water electricity and clean! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Washing clothes is we have to do every day, washing machine is our essential tool of laundry, yao you wash the clothes have mastered some tips? Do you still in for his blind wash his clothes and pay? Below small make up teach you laundry tips to help you easily laundry, province electricity water more money!

1. Soak before washing

before washing clothes first in liquid soap or detergent solution soak 10 & ndash; 14 minutes, let detergent and dirt dirt on clothes to work, and then washing. So, under the condition of the same wash, can make the machine running time of the half, managing electric energy is very considerable.

2, color separation, washing, after the first shallow deep

to separate different colors of clothes to wash, wash not only clean, but also fast. This light color clothes to rinse of water, can also be reused to wash the body color clothes. Can save a lot of water.

3, thickness washed apart

general chemical fiber, silk fabric, washing clean 4 to 5 minutes. If put together and thick clothes washing, has no intention of increased light clothes washing time.

4, reasonable to add detergent

when washing clothes, need reasonable according to the number of clothing put the amount of detergent, not into the detergent, the more the better washing effect. And too much detergent, rinse the pressure would be.

5, moderate water

water too much, will increase the water pressure of wave plate, aggravate the burden of motor, increase power consumption; Water is too little, and can affect washing clothes when the up-and-down, increase the washing time, increase power consumption.

6, reasonable program

clothes washed after the first round, it is best to dry clothes, crowded all dirty water, in this way, rinse, can shorten the time, and can save electricity water saving.

7、“ Strong washing & throughout; Than & other; Weak washing & throughout; Save electricity

because, under the same washing time, & other; Weak washing & throughout; Change the motor rotation a lot, and the instantaneous current when the motor first starts, however, is about 6 times the rated current of the normal work, so, the more change the rotation direction of motor instantaneous start the large current is caused by electrical energy loss and waste of electricity.

so summer light clothing choice & other; Strong washing & throughout; , not only can effectively save power and protect motor, prolong service life.

8, laundry is best way to concentrated washing

is a bucket of detergent for washing a few batch of clothes, washing powder can add appropriately. All finished washing rinsing them one by one. In this way, can save electricity, save water, save washing powder and washing time.

9, water reuse

in the final dry work clothes, if you have to continue to wash clothes, the drying of water resources with large container can be collected, when the water is clean, so you can continue to be the laundry washing with water.

10, dehydration time not easy long

when washing machine dehydration, roller speed is controlled in 1200 turn, dehydration rate can reach 50%, average dehydration 3 minutes. Again for a long time, the effect of dehydration will not have too big difference. And dehydration, for a long time under high speed will be a waste of electricity.
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