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Laundry tips, laundry don't worry from now on! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Washing clothes in the home is often done in People's Daily life, all kinds of clothes in the washing process will also have a lot of trouble to our little problem. Are you also often encounter the following situation? Hurry to have a look at how to effectively solve!

1, how to avoid new clothes rub off

will just bought new clothes soaked in salt water ( A tablespoon) And rinse clean with clear water immediately after cleaning. Do not hang around too long, dry it in a cool, ventilated place.

2, clothes accidentally stick gum

clothes wrapped in plastic bags, put in the refrigerator frozen for half a day, until the chewing gum on the clothes can be hardened. Chewing gum gently knead, will soon be off, and have no traces!

3, qiao wash white sneakers

shoes after washing clean, in the shade, covered with a layer of toilet paper on the surface of the shoe, it does not matter if you are wet. Wash out such shoes are not easy to become yellow, or white. Effect is obvious!

4, oil stains spattered onto the white clothes

a little toothpaste with a drop of water wetting, apply evenly on the oily be soiled, rub gently. Oil is slowly melted away!

5, qiao wash towels

a towel with long, often wet sticky. To rub with salt to the fish in clean water rinse clean, can have a dry and comfortable towel again!

6, XiBei dyed the white dress

in the washing machine first rinse with warm water, then add 84 disinfectant, about a third of a bottle of half a tank of water disinfectant, rinse for about 25 minutes. After the clothes to dry, cleaning effect is obvious.

7, stick the paint on the clothes

will be perfume gush in the location of the stain, knead gently, then rinse. A trace not only, still can wash clothes very delicious
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