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Laundry washing industry of overtaking lane changing - on the corner Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Corner overtaking theory believes everyone not unfamiliar, 09 in the Chinese economy is relatively weak, baidu CEO robin li put forward, the economic crisis is like a bend in F1, companies around the world as if in a racing team racing. When encounter bend if slightly do not pay attention to, may be because too fast and skidded off the runway and withdrawal from the competition, therefore everybody's habitual brakes.

but in this moment for a lot of high level driver, it is a good opportunity to see the road put the pedal to turn the steering wheel, stability, and can always surpass rivals on a bend. Enterprise also is so, in the economic downturn will just give a bit of outstanding enterprises realize surpassing development through corner overtaking opportunities. No illusions, offer innovative, dedicated, play the combination, are more likely to be out in the crisis, achieve transcendence.

but in the Internet industry is the premise of explosive growth, corner overtaking theory is no longer applicable, on the contrary, overtaking lane changing more conforms to the development of The Times. As China's Internet companies, companies choose competition on different paths, a different approach, to promote the development of present China across the Internet. Observe the present inventions change the way people live, is based on the whole social background environment technology is relatively poor, innovative relatively few cases, path, overtaking lane changing, only with the rise of the rapid and large-scale development.

to build enterprises and individuals, overtaking lane changing theory is also applicable. Today's society is a need for a new era of scientific and technological innovation and change, technical change blustery, all walks of life are all looking for their own breakthrough, domestic cleaning industry, too, from 1. 0 to 2 times of soap. The washing powder 0 to 3 times. 0 era of laundry detergent until 4 today. 0 laundry era, every breakthrough not only reflects the Chinese people's quality of life and consumption levels rising, is constantly looking for new breakthroughs and industry transformation of new thinking, looking for new way out, the results of the overtaking lane changing.

for laundry pieces this name, many people may still unfamiliar state, because the Chinese washing market is still at the preliminary stage of overtaking lane changing. But in some European and American developed countries, laundry has successfully replaced the traditional washing products, become the home laundry products.

laundry tablets was developed using the technology of super concentrated and become a kind of multi-functional ecological washing the new product, compared with the traditional way of laundry, greatly improving the product's decontamination capability, no phosphorus, non-toxic, no fluorescent whitening agent, does not hurt the hand, the water can quickly decompose after melting, nanoscale clean release small molecules, purification of deeper sedimentary obstinate stains on clothes.

in the numerous media reports, we often see some about detergent, laundry detergent and washing products contain harmful carcinogens, if long-term exposure to such substances, will with the mouth and the injured area into the body, brings security hidden danger to the body health.

it is to see the pain points, based on the understanding of Chinese traditional laundry habits at the same time, the founder of doing laundry piece based on the technology of the decontamination formula of the upgrade, creating a new generation of healthy environmental protection - laundry products Super concentrated laundry. While it does not hurt the clothing fibers, greatly improving the product's decontamination ability, is one of the washing powder. Can be washed five times, a box of 90 kg of dry matter.

to promote the sustainable development of the industry, corner overtaking lane changing than overtaking. Laundry tablets appear is to transform the green development, the health of domestic cleaning industry provides a good opportunity, overtaking lane changing a healthy catharsis is gradually opened a new era. Believe in super condensed laundry with the advantages of their own, will push the domestic cleaning industry a new chapter.
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