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Laundry washing will be the industry mainstay - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
A few days ago, China cleaning products industry association issued about meeting & other; Throughout China cleaning products industry annual meeting &; The notice. The reporter understands, this conference theme as & other; Innovation support, intelligent transformation, cross-border integration, green development & throughout; 。 Many industry experts and scholars believe that the theme of this meeting clearly pointed out that the key to the washing industry innovation and development in the future.

at present our country about 4000 home cleaning products manufacturers and dealers, washing about potential with RMB 300 billion a year market demand. So great a market cake that numerous merchants flocked to it. But at present, many domestic washing supplies manufacturers, but there are a lot of problems.

it is reported that currently on the market the most common washing powder and detergent, generally contain fluorescent whitening agent, proteolytic enzyme, the composition such as sodium tripolyphosphate, one of the largest fluorescent whitening agent risk, to old person or child, be sure to carefully choose the washing products. Fluorescent whitening agent residue on clothes after washing, through contact with human skin, easy to cause human body cell canceration, causing cancer. The old man and child resistance is low, tend to be more easily & other; Throughout the effects &; 。

washing industry want to long-term development, there must be innovative, to green development, to achieve health transformation. At this point, the European and American developed countries earlier than we know. As early as two years ago, a new kind of washing products & ndash; — Laundry tablets and began to hit the streets of Europe and the United States.

but lately, USES the German advanced technology, joint cooperation between university of Heidelberg, Germany, laundry, in line with improving Chinese washing environment, changing the domestic washing mode and the concept of market pattern, strong in the Chinese market. Be among the first to appear in the domestic laundry and typical representative in the movie. Laundry tablets has cried out, must carry on the reform of washing, it's actually from where?

we took in washing, for example. Compared with the traditional washing powder and detergent, laundry tablets is a convenience, the advantages of using nanometer technology super concentrated laundry, made of small volume, light weight, easy to store, carry, use rise also is very convenient and quick.

second, green health, adopt green natural formula, ensure that do not contain fluorescent whitening agent and other hazards to human health and the environment composition, gentle no stimulation at the same time, unlike traditional washing products have strong alkali, the harm of the clothes is almost zero.

the three combination of multiple effect besides clean function, also with the aseptic, care, stay sweet, and other functions, eliminating the extra inputs such as detergent, fabric softener, perfume. Four is economical and practical, a box of laundry laundry amount equal to 7. 5 kg laundry detergent, price is less than one half of it, the price is very friendly.

the place on put together is narrated, the laundry is washing industry to realize green development, a breakthrough in the transformation of health. It is not hard to see in the future in the market for washing, washing powder, laundry detergent and other traditional washing products will gradually lose competitiveness, lose their living space. We also have reason to believe that a belong to the age of the laundry tablets is kicked off, a healthy green new washing mode, will bring about a new wave of washing at home.
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