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Laundry wife of shop-owner said: double-sided velvet can wear not only, more to wash protect! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Double coat sheep how to choose? Double coat can be washed? Warm and comfortable double coat is a fashion to be bestowed favor on newly, but how do double clean choose how to maintain? If you are have a double beauty girl, so you should pay attention to today's article, if you are a dry cleaners laundry MM, more you want to memorize the following content carefully, penetration into FABE words art is simply deal with picky customers invincible trick! Don't bullshit, come quickly and below small make up together and see about double the encyclopedia.

what is double?

the value of double sided? Is that feel is very good, two thin layers of cashmere fabric sewn into a piece of, but can't find any stitching joint. Unable to machine complex, can only be sewed by hand. This determines each double coat is unique. Top of double-sided fabrics more use of cashmere, cashmere, wool and other natural as cashmere yield little, this coat is very rare. High-end double-sided pure wool as fabrics, sewing by hand. So, have a double-sided wool coat, is the inner luxury, in the heart.

double advantages:

NO. 1 light. Double-sided fabrics fabrics of upper and lower two layers are independent, can be connected with the middle by the yarn, no glue, thus more light; Although double coat is double layer fabric, but due to its soft texture, the lightest of reversible fabric weight less than 300 grams per square meter, and always with & other; Zero gravity & throughout; Is famous. Put on your ( Brand) The freedom of a double coat, the body is like breathing, like feather light mystery.

NO. 2 duality. Due to the double qualities, material color can be the same, also can double double color, fashionable expression stronger, let the designer can have more play space; At the same time can let the consumer to achieve the effect of the clothes wear more.

NO. 3 a crisp. Because of the positive and negative are cloth sewing, do not need lining for coats, more thick, more crisp, smooth not easy corrugate.

NO. 4 the warmth retention property. 37 ℃ warm: due to the double is composed of two separate layer fabrics woven, so compared with single layer of cashmere, wool is qualitative, double-sided fabrics more to keep warm. Although light, but it can bring constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius in the bitter cold winter warm experience.

why double more expensive?

a few days ago have fans back again asked small make up the owner asking 1000 double coat offer 300 is expensive or not. 。 Small make up just want to quietly hehe. 。 Double sided on the market price expensive, not only from its excelsior products production, a firm foundation for the fabric characteristics of itself has a high price.

from an unfinished incision of double coat, you will see the work of craftsmen. How dense glimmer, through careful hand, put to the edge. The cutting material inward folding, relaxation to split again together. The edge of the future will rub your skin every day, give you unique temperature by hand. Small make up last month had sent under memories together articles & other; Double-sided? Why so expensive, a lot of people don't know! ”

a double coat of the production process, spent more than 5 times that of ordinary coat. In these machine, assembly line can solve all problems of the present, to have a belt to the wisdom of artists and temperature, handmade pure wool coat, this is not a luxury brand than buying more cherish yourself, to yourself?

so double-sided cashmere coat can be washed?

double-sided wool is not recommended washing, water washing can lead to a double-sided cashmere coat shrink, deformation, etc. More advice sent to professional dry cleaner for cleaning, and washing time too often, in order to reduce the harm of cashmere.

double cashmere coat maintenance methods:

1, always clean up the dust on the clothing

double-sided wool, after being worn, and easy to touch dirt, best removed as soon as possible. Once fell on hard to remove dust, cannot use hard brush, it is best to grey rollers.

2, remove drape

double cashmere coat give enough moisture, leveling the drape of clothing. Can switch to a low temperature condition, steam electric iron from double-sided wool coat 1 ~ 2 cm for ironing; Also can be white towel in the laundry ironing again, such both neither can hurt fiber fabric, nor traces of iron.

3, keep dry, mothproof

through the reversible wool coat, may have body perspiration absorption, should be in ventilated good place order first, and then away. If is in the cupboard, it is suggested that put some desiccant, to keep dry, avoid moldy.

for camel hair, plush, plush coat, insist on pile stand flat, with the hand flick of dropping, there cannot be grinning, bald, flecked or pile height, density uneven phenomenon, etc.

special tips: a good double woolen cloth coat its price is very expensive, portable type fashion, can let you hold the whole autumn and winter, when the dry cleaning maintenance double coat so girls, must extra attention to cough up. Dry cleaning and maintenance can wear a few years no problem! !
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