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Leather care - common sense Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
1, all the bags often clean oil. In front of the clean oil, on the bag to remove the dirt and dust, little put oil, call light. Eye makeup and dry cloth, with the brush to rapid friction purse make it hot, let oil seepage in the cortex, this can effectively prevent surface discoloration, prolong its service life.

2, the whole bag should pay attention to waterproof, due to the leather bag after flooding easy deformation, fading, it is easy to broken stitches. Leather bags with mud, water can't spray brush, can use soft cloth will pack mud on the surface of the erase, wipe again play light oil.

3, often should keep clean and dry, but not in the sun exposure or roasted with fire, in order to avoid shell surface embrittlement, affect the bag is beautiful and the service life.

how to clean and care over skin, USES leather

turn velvet skin, USES: ( Also called jing leather and suede fur class) Made of leather, once polluted or service time is long, clean up is very difficult, the general double velvet skin, USES the following problems:

1, leather surface dust;

2, leather face hairs stick around;

3, leather bags lack of nourishing, harden wrinkle folding;

4, dawdle fade, there are stains.

in view of the double skin, the nursing methods of USES: leather is as follows:

1, the common errors of leather care method to

( 1) Such as flap can be wet towel or use wet cloth clean dirt, leather surface to leather goods due to water irreparable damage such as deformation, dry, and his mouth, and hidden in the bottom of the villi of the dust can also be difficult to remove, so it should not be used.

( 2) Long-term use brush clean hair, due to the double skin fluff and fine, even, if long-term use brush, Especially the nylon bristles or inferior mane of hair '1) Clean, will destroy the guide line break fall wool fiber structure.

( 3) Using powder coloring or package water, dry powder product color adhesion is poor, easy to dirty his trousers and socks, and easy to form scale in leather; Water color uneven, leather goods and beautiful effect, and the damage to leather goods.

2, correct method one by one leather care

( 1) Often clean, free of dust hidden in the bottom of the villi, if not clear in time, the water is easy to firmly stick on the leather face, again is difficult to clean up. Should use velvet skin, USES special brush the rubber surface cleaning leather face dust, use brush clean package edge, sewing.

( 2) Such as leather fade FaJiu, use the special renovation colorants, use and then use a special brush wool to brush up, restore leather goods the original face, even can change other colors.

( 3) Bear in mind that note that leather color from light to dark only transformation.
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