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Leather care those things, how much do you know? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
There are many different kinds of leather and different types of leather, maintenance way is different also, scientific and reasonable maintenance of leather, can make its appearance beautiful, crisp, soft luster nature, prolong service life.

1, leather coat to avoid contact with oil, and easy to fade color objects, such as take off when put the leather in ventilated place, but it can't exposure.

2, can use soft dry cloth to wipe the stain, but be careful not to water and gasoline.

if you encounter rain don't use gasoline inunction, because water can make the leather harden, gasoline can make leather oil volatilization and weather-shack, accelerated aging.

3, leather before change garments according to the collected must be cleaning and maintenance, to the cortex supplement & other; Nutrition & throughout; , keep the leather soft and smooth sheen, prolong life.

to maintain a better quality of available leather maintenance of oil, a cloth dipped in maintain oil rub well after back and forth on the leather is wiped. Also can send front but better service.

4, best to hang up collection, leather cover a piece of cloth, do not fold, to prevent the garment wrinkles.

if placed in the, in the cabinet must be split, don't put on clothes, but don't put camphor ball.

5, leather if there are any torn or damaged, shall promptly carry out repair.

6, for the lewd leather, suitable for solid color processing, to prevent discoloration. In case of a fold position absolutely can't literally ironing.

7, leather moisture is very important to maintain leather clothing should pay attention to moistureproof, otherwise once be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, will lose luster, affect the fastness.

mould is the main cause of leather garment mold, and humidity is the source of mold reproduction, the rain is wet, sweat and oil three main ways. If leather clothing on the sweat or the rain after surface will appear a layer of enzyme and mildew spot, immediately with a soft cloth to wipe sweat or rain water, and use good quality leather maintenance oil wipe the leather surface, and then we hang dry in the shade, you are the sun or use the ram is blown dry. Nubuck suede material of avoid by all means use maintenance of oil well.
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