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Leather craft you know how much to eight kinds of common defects - _ leather Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Leather is the hair removal and tanning and other physical, chemical processing of animal skins have been modified non-perishable. Leather is made of natural protein fiber in the three-dimensional space of tightly woven, its surface has a special grain layer, has the natural grain and gloss, feel comfortable.

with the customers and friends first contact to the skin there may be some confusion and doubt, why leather will have small spots, isn't fool with poor quality leather, with the customers and friends first contact to the skin there may be some confusion and questions, let's learn together.

1, the ribs scar

cow ribs around accounted for about seventy percent of the whole body, and it is also the most commonly used leather parts.

ribs scars refers to the cow in the activities to stay in the body scars, some wild feeling.

some builders will deliberately keep these scars, highlight the uniqueness of the works.

2, tiger stripes

sometimes hide after processing, will emerge as the trace of the tiger stripes, this is NiuTianRan wrinkles, and people have wrinkles.

because the cattle have bowed their heads and grazing behaviour, so most will show up in the bull's neck to his shoulders, large grain shape.

3, blood vessels,

in the bovine blood vessels through the site, cowhide can appear such as lightning, this is the best evidence leather, when buying leather goods, might as well can find such traces.

4, ribs on the dermatoglyph fold

this is attached to the ribs on the dermatoglyph of fold, cowhide can be widely used in most parts of the ribs.

but according to the location of the distribution of different fiber density will be different, so can present a small fold result greatly.

5, dyeing

mostly because cortical changes and differences in dyeing leather fiber density is different, which produce from the shade of difference in dyeing process. Also spawned a rich leather.

6, pigment black spots

after dyeing process, the dye can accumulate focused on small wounds or cowhide leather pores, will form you can see black spots.

many people will regard it as the drawbacks of dyeing process, but this spot faithfully present a unique personality and leather cowhide.

7, insect bite

most of the cattle are raised, will be met by the status of the mosquito bites. But most of these bite marks will be on the leather surface under shallow concave hole trace. If after dye procedure again, will become a more dense pigment concentration.

8, scabby trace

cattle has stabbed at the time of life or a scratch after recovery of stuttering, will be on the leather under the residual traces of slight pigmentation.
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