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Leather different leather cleaning skills - how to clean Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Because the leather is composed of proteins, so the preservation of the leather first consider moth-proofing and moistureproof. How clean leather? How to clean can reduce leather damage? To learn more about the different leather leather how to clean!

how leather cleaning to teach you different leather cleaning skills

a cleaning, leather?

as everybody knows, leather can't directly into the water washing. Leather clean care to use professional leather care agent, clean and use cleaner PH PH should be in 5 to 7. Between 5, if the PH value is greater than 7. 5 or less than 5 cleaners will damage the internal structure of genuine leather, shorten the service life of the leather.

once stained with sweat and rain, should be immediately suck with dry soft cloth or soft paper to sweat and rain water, wipe with a damp soft cloth, and then hung out to dry. If accidentally on hard a little bit stubborn stains, according to different leather, refer to the following methods:

1, how smooth leather cleaning

nappa leather if dirty, use a clean piece of cloth or soft brush dipped in clean leather care agent to wipe, without professional cleaner, liquid protein can also be used to replace, not only can decontamination, still can make leather face shine. If the stain is not in addition to clean, coated with a layer of vaseline, repeatedly with a soft cloth to wipe, equally effective.

2, not how smooth leather cleaning

suede, USES, turn over the fur, the integration of leather and fur belongs to the whole washing, easy adsorption dirt, easy to rub off when washing. Simply spray over the top colorless oil, but if the coating is too thick, will change the handle, and even lead to fracture, so as to change the original clothing style of the leather, leather feeling lost. This kind of leather in the process of cleaning will appear different degrees of color shallow, color flower, ground white, dirty, oil, such as damage, so more should careful maintenance, reduce unnecessary to clean.

3, glossy shows how wash clothes

glossy skin is a kind of special leather, very temperamental, surface coating, only a machine pressure layer of film, not waterproof and water absorption. Glossy skin cleaning should be dry, so as not to damage the leather surface coating. And, in the process of cleaning, colorless oil only, cannot be complementary, so glossy skin itself if there is a stain, so oil can be hidden, if touch oily be soiled, so still have after cleaning.

2, leather maintenance method

1, the leather when you wear a year was still relatively new, you can use wet cloth clean leather, in the wind blow dry, Don't bask in the sun) Generally one hour, avoid exposure, and then kept them, apply to the leather surface with a duck egg qing loose 3 ~ 4 hours, again with a soft cloth to wipe clean egg white, then in the wind blow dry, hidden in the chest ( Do not wet to dry, devised the starry sky network,) For safekeeping, when can take out blow, avoid by all means be affected with damp be affected with damp.

2, take out the second year of wear leather can be used wet soft cloth to wipe, the wind blow dry and then coated with sheep oil jacket, then pressed with 300 w electric iron mat white cloth, leather can remain the same.

3, if appear mildew flower also don't be afraid of, can use warm water to dry. This is mainly due to the leather when kneading mouldproof function gradually disappear or by the damp weather, will not have much influence on leather.

4, three to five years later, after the main parts such as leather began to look old or friction rub off, burr, at this time to remove the dirt glazing is not late. Of course this is authentic designer leather or good leather, if you buy this is inferior goods can also may not use this method.

3, leather leather shoes maintenance method

( 1) Can't wipe the leather with leather shoes oil. If the shoe polish, make the gas penetration in the leather inside the shoe polish, wax stick on the surface of leather. Make the leather hair flower color, color, affect beautiful, and make the leather is tacky, soil dust collection.

( 2) Fur clothing store on a hanger, best don't like underwear pressure into the wardrobe, lest appear dead plait.

( 3) Leather collection for ventilation, cannot put in airtight bag or plastic bag to save, can cover a layer of cloth or a separates. Should collect in a cool, dry place, keep an eye on moistureproof, mouldproof.

( 4) For insect-resistant eat by moth, can put a few grains of camphor ball in the wardrobe. But be careful not to direct contact with leather. Because camphor ball have a corrosion effect on leather clothing.

( 5) Should be carried out prior to collection of decontamination processing, then hang up. Deposit during the best air basks in one or two, but avoid by all means sun and fire.
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