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Leather is wrinkly to knit the do - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Dig out the leather leather surface buckling, will affect the appearance of leather. Until we see what leather is wrinkly to knit the first to find out the reason for the formation of buckling, on the one hand is leather, in the process of long-term wearing parts back again the result of movement and action, on the other hand is due to inappropriate, make leather formed by long-term extrusion die wrinkle. Leather fold, especially death, is difficult to remove. Therefore, in order to obtain good effect, on returning to new remove buckling process is indispensable. Below leather is wrinkly to knit the several solutions to do.

solution a

leather can be used to knit agent to knit, for example, using Italian leather production anti-wrinkle agents, or domestic leather anti-wrinkle patching agent for processing. It is important to note that when processing component of anti-wrinkle agents, not too much, otherwise you will have damage on leather. And with the anti-wrinkle agent should pay attention to local treatment.


leather ruffle when available the steam electric iron ( Do not use steam electric iron) On leather, put a piece of silk or cotton cloth, with low temperature gently back and forth to ruffle ironing, ban iron direct contact with the surface of leather. To move back and forth in the process of ironing iron, do not stay too long.
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