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Leather pants fold to do _ leather pants how ironing and maintenance - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
A fold, leather pants, qiao remove

leather pants fold can be ironed, but need to pay attention when ironing ironing method:

1, cold pressing, the huge iron

the temperature of the iron to grasp around 50 ℃. The surface of the leather to avoid iron iron directly. It is best when ironing mat a thin layer of fabric, to prevent direct contact with the iron temperature is too high and burnt leather.

placemat spray can be used to wet the cloth, and then put the cloth pad to the leather pants pressed a few times repeatedly, until the water hot dry cotton cloth. Hydraulic pressing can make smooth leather pants a lot, and not easy to damage leather pants.

2, movable ironing

when ironing leather products, be sure to avoid staying in one place for too long. A part of high temperature easy to damage the leather. So is better to portable ironing.

3, hair dryer, ironing method

leather pants slightly fold can use hair dryer, heating to the fold place appropriate distance, also can make leather pants fold disappear the effect of the play.

4, leather wrinkle agent

leather can be used to knit agent for processing, it is important to note that when processing component of anti-wrinkle agents, not too much, or you will have damage on leather. And with the anti-wrinkle agent should pay attention to local treatment. Using the above two methods to repeated treatment effect is obvious.

5, hanging method

in sheep oil soften leather and hung for a few days, soften leather with sheep oil will accelerate the buckling diastolic automatically, and also will have the effect of need. But your cortex has been losing elasticity due to aging, please don't easily ironing it.

2, maintenance methods of leather pants

1, coated with leather maintains oil

leather pants must be cleaned before storage, and covered with leather maintains oil added to cortex & other; Nutrition & throughout; And prolong the service life of leather pants. Maintain oil can be used to dry soft cloth dips in maintenance of oil on the leather to wipe lightly. ( PU leather will not pay attention to simulation of oil absorption, so try to choose the PU leather special oil colorless maintenance)

2, prevention of be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew

whether it's real leather or PU leather, simple maintenance is to prevent mildew of be affected with damp be affected with damp. Be affected with damp be affected with damp leather pants will not only lose luster after feeling, and easy to lose fastness to local skin, so the leather in the preservation process, to keep dry, avoid exposure, found be affected with damp be affected with damp, should be timely cleaning mold and dry.

3, hang put for beautiful, avoid folding

a lot of people like to store your leather pants folded, appear easily fur die after folding plait, mildew and deformation phenomenon. So leather goods in the store should try to use hangers hanging up, prevent bad deformation, prolong the service life of leather pants.

4, leather pants have crack treatment method of

usable brush dips in besmear of egg qing dynasty is in at crackle, agent of the light on again, pay attention to the place of daub must not be infected with other objects, the agent of the light on, as for the ventilated place dry.
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