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Leather pants should be how to cleaning? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Leather pants can be washed? Leather pants can use washing machine? Leather pants can be placed gently rub in mid qing dynasty. Suggest not to use the washing machine washing, can make the leather accelerated aging, easy to cause the deformation of leather pants, and even lead to leather fall off.

leather pants maintenance & ndash; — Note the

1. In the process of cleaning leather pants, add 7 - in clean water Eight drops of white vinegar, can let your leather pants have qualitative feeling more.

2 . Using protein to wipe besmirch, can remove stubborn stains, avoid to use the brush bristles, coarse cleaning, leather surface damage.

3 . PU leather will not pay attention to simulation of oil absorption, so try to choose PU leather special oil colorless maintenance. When cleaning maintenance oil, attention must be evenly.

4 . Finish cleaning placed in dry ventilated place shade, after being dry to store leather pants don't cause leather mildew.

5 . Because leather pants recommended hangers can be folded in half when stored in hang, do not paste compression lest variant or leather leather pants.

the PU leather pants cleaning method


basic need not wash, leather pants to buy leather shop let people give you put oil on is ok, but have to spend money, oh no, oneself buy a bottle of that kind of special oil, himself, again not jargon with a wet cloth to wipe.


will turn inside out, use neutral detergent in bubble bucket on hours, gently rub the net, then water rinse and dry it in a cool, ventilated place. In the sunshine, or you will make leather pants aging hardening.

leather pants out how

1. Low temperature iron, the huge iron

the temperature of the iron to grasp around 50 ℃. The surface of the leather to avoid iron iron directly. It is best when ironing mat a thin layer of fabric, to prevent direct contact with the iron temperature is too high and burnt leather.

placemat spray can be used to wet the cloth, and then put the cloth pad to the leather pants pressed a few times repeatedly, until the water hot dry cotton cloth. Hydraulic pressing can make smooth leather pants a lot, and not easy to damage leather pants.

2 . Portable ironing

when ironing leather products, be sure to avoid staying in one place for too long. A part of high temperature easy to damage the leather. So is better to portable ironing.

3 . Hair dryer ironing method

leather pants slightly fold can use hair dryer, heating to the fold place appropriate distance, also can make leather pants fold disappear the effect of the play.
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