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Leather receive tips! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
After good leather clean, also the leather in the shade and ventilation must be fully dry, Avoid direct sunlight) Store, the best drying during one or two, but the sun and fire of avoid by all means, if not careful to insolate fur clothing in the sun, must be the cool completely, to charge into the closet.

collection before, had better use leather cloth rub-up, coated with a little care oil, and then with a soft cloth to light. But need to remind you, MM, bear in mind that cannot wipe the leather with leather shoes oil. If the shoe polish, make the gas penetration in the leather inside the shoe polish, wax stick on the surface of leather. Make the leather hair flower color, color, affect beautiful, and make the leather feels sticky, soil dust collection.

leather unfavorable use plastic bags sealing preservation, especially in humid places, because airtight plastic bags, will influence of the surface gloss of the leather. To damp leather can be put on clean old light clothing or cloth cover, and as for a cool, dry place to collect, so we can keep the leather in different environmental conditions to normal moisture absorption.

leather clothing must hang ways when saved, folding storage, more can't be other clothes under pressure, so easy to make skin wrinkle, serious when still can cause fiber fracture, wear in effect. Fur clothing appropriate chooses bug eat by moth traces of bamboo or wooden frame. Suggest using a cloth bag set in leather clothing, and then use hangers hanging in the wardrobe, won't produce wrinkles. Once the leather clothing wrinkles, available iron ironing it.

warm prompt:

1. Need low temperature pressing

2. Iron moving to quickly,

3. It is better to packing paper hot pad or oiled paper
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