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Leather skirt very wrinkled? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Leather skirt very wrinkled? Wear leather skirt maintain undeserved will produce a fold, when wear it influence in experience. Then, the fold on the leather skirt should how purify? Take a look at life's got talent is how to remove ~

puckered leather skirt do

leather leather skirt and other leather products in wrinkles, can use iron for ironing. As long as pay attention to ironing method, skin furbelow wrinkle is a good solution.

skin furbelow wrinkles ironed essentials for

low temperature pressing, placemat, pressing

the temperature of the iron to grasp in the 60 s & ndash; 70 degrees. The surface of the leather to avoid direct pressing. It is best when ironing mat a thin layer of fabric, to prevent direct contact with the iron temperature is too high and burnt leather.

mobile pressing

when ironing leather products, be sure to avoid staying in one place for too long. A part of high temperature easy to damage the leather.

note: if you don't grasp well ironed technology, can soften leather with sheep oil, and hang a few days, because the sheep oil softens cortex, can accelerate the effect to fold automatically. But when a leather skirt's aging and lose elasticity, don't easily ironing it. Also can choose leather wrinkle agent to knit.

leather skirt how pressing

in the leather surface foreshadowing a smooth kraft paper, under the mat iron package ( Can't use soft package) , adjust the temperature to 75 degrees ( Is the low temperature iron mark position, water droplets quickly evaporate) not Look, first in folding iron ( Can't add water, must pay attention to the pressure and time, time is shorter) , according to the finishing temperature, pressure and time, until the appropriate can pressing need of the surface of the ironing. ( Pay attention to more pressing matters, no wrinkles! )

leather skirt daily maintenance

painted leather maintains oil

leather skirt must be cleaned before storage, and covered with leather maintains oil added to cortex & other; Nutrition & throughout; And prolong the service life of the leather. Maintain oil can be used to dry soft cloth dips in maintenance of oil on the leather to wipe lightly.

prevent be affected with damp be affected with damp

whether it's real leather or PU leather, simple maintenance is to prevent mildew of be affected with damp be affected with damp. Be affected with damp be affected with damp leather skirt will not only lose luster after feeling, and easy to lose fastness to local skin, so the leather in the preservation process, to keep dry, avoid exposure, found be affected with damp be affected with damp, should be timely cleaning mold and dry.

hang put for beautiful, avoid folding

a lot of people like to store your leather skirt folded, appear easily fur die after folding plait, mildew and deformation phenomenon. So, leather leather skirt and other leather products, should use the hangers hanging up during storage, to prevent deformation and crush prolong the service life of the leather.

there are cracks on leather skirt how to deal with the

usable brush dips in besmear of egg qing dynasty is in at crackle, agent of the light on finally can. Also can cover a layer in the wrinkles kraft paper, then the electric iron ironing on kraft paper. Iron in 40 ~ 50 degrees Celsius temperature, not too high. Iron when ironing to keep moving, kraft is uncovered instantly after iron, hot clothes picked up, gently pull pretty clothes, with advantage of blowing the surface at the same time, make its rapid cooling to finalize the design, can obtain obvious effect.
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