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Leather types and identification to distinguish: small leather from plant tanned - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19

calf ( 白脱牛奶皮肤) The Dallas mavericks: two to three years old, pore is smaller than Daniel, strong tension, but the price is higher. Calf because grain small pores or clear is the high grade leather.

the so-called calfskin, is when young cattle to be slaughtered, the size of each cowhide is not more than 15 square feet ( Size of the bonnet area 144 square inches per square foot per foot is equal to 30. 48CM) , leather soft smooth, because of its production scarce, so much used in making small leather goods ( Leather bags, wallet, etc. ) , authentic leather surface pore visible with a magnifying glass observation, with his hands in a soft quilt with fine and smooth.

vegetable tanning

vegetable tanning in the name of the process is a kind of processing the original leather. Removed without processing of the animal skin is called the rawhide or the original skin, is the skin, untreated rawhide will rot. After dealing with the process of the original skin known as leather. The vegetable tanning agent (extracted with plants Tannic acid, plant polyphenol compounds such as polyphenols) Head of tanning layer of skin called plant tanned cowhide, generally for leather. Vegetable tanning agent ( Tannin acid) Tanning leather due to the strong suction force, high plasticity, easy integer, very suitable for plastic and leather carving.

are choosing leather before, must have the correct leather common sense.

1. Ecological region of various animals, environment, both male and female, age is not the same, made of leather will also have very big difference.

as a general rule, frigid zone animals have fine animal hair, just skin fiber is very rough, raccoon dog and fox is representative. Temperate and tropical animals, is to renew the source, soft fine leather. Even the same animal, the leather material obtained in different seasons is different also, starters, called the summer or winter skin. Should be used in accordance with the purposes, the most appropriate choice.

2. When it comes to plant tanned cowhide, the first thing to talk about what is the first layer of cowhide. Leather can be cut into several layers ( Technology good can tell more than eight layer) Outside, the most of the first layer skin, also known as the PI, simple sense is best, tensile and breathable. Second is on the second floor leather, its surface and bottom is the same, the general practice is polished surface, and then a series of processing, use after dyeing.

3. Water leaching vegetable tanning ( Leather tanning, stem, leaf and fruit called plants) Extract tannic acid leaching solution, the further processing of solid block or powder extract. So with the plants tanning tanning tanning also called extract skin, tree cream skin.

4. Because planting tanned leather is a plant with tanning tanning of leather, so do not contain substances have a harm to human body, is a direct contact with the skin of green environmental protection of leather, harmless to the human body. Can be applied to handbags, backpacks, harness, insoles, shoes, hat along the mouth, belts and other leather goods can direct contact with the human body.

5. The characteristics of tanning:

leather after tanning fatliquoring leathers into tight leather fibre, extensibility is small, the formability.

good panel plump and full of elasticity, no greasy feeling, grain of leather, suede, luster, bibulous become soft, color from the color of yellowish pink to light brown, smells with natural plant aroma.

6. Starting in 1978, the federal republic of Germany took the lead green product certification. In many developed countries to follow suit. In countries such as Europe, America and Japan, a lot of leather is the introduction of this plant by environmental protection of leather tanned.

7. “ LV” Part of the leather loop hand straps and protect horn used in leather, use after a period of time will be red darker, is the use of vegetable tanned leather.

tree cream skin

tanning also calls the skin skin, tree cream skin, mangrove leather, with leather. The essence of color is not dyed. Tanning of scale is small, bibulous become soft, plasticity is easy to integer, yellowish pink to light brown color from the instinctive quality, the most suitable for leather carving handicraft.

vegetable tanning tanning leather, so some commonly known as tree cream skin, also some cake skin into a tree. The characteristics of vegetable tanned leather, leather after tanning fatliquoring leathers into tight leather fibre, extensibility, good formability, pan is plump and full of elasticity, no greasy feeling, grain of leather, suede, luster, bibulous become soft.
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