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Let you no longer worry about down jacket out of velvet and! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
You have this kind of situation, a stripped down jacket sweater is covered with soft, very ugly, is not clear.

today is to teach you a few action to solve the problem down jacket out of wool.

1, the villi big hard terrier

like this kind of wool cloth with soft nap, because its a velvet nap material itself, easy to prick the bladder velvet, wear these coats will need to beat well before wear smooth make porn becomes smooth.

the solution: for this, don't will rushes out, pushes it back as far as possible. Then beat clothes, make the individual pieces lie on your back, no longer erect to highlight.

2, the villi of small serene terrier

is not the cause of the the flocking villi itself, but in the eye of a needle and a needle and thread, cloth, and the machine is not up to standard, like this kind of circumstance, you should make the cloth face contraction, narrowing the eye of a needle hole.

the solution: we can use the hair dryer in front of the dress of the hot air blow blow, pay attention to not more than down jacket heat resistance, effect is good.

3, a good small villi are easily electrostatic

down jacket can also drop on signs of leakage of electrostatic flocking, wash down jacket when you can use some neutral meek laundry detergent, can effectively reduce the generation of static electricity. Electrostatic less, it's not easy down jacket out of wool.
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