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Low-phosphorus washing powder formula and production process and method

by:Jingliang     2022-12-14
Low-phosphate laundry powder Low-phosphate laundry powder 【Properties】 White or colored powder particles, with good foaming and detergency, the aqueous solution is alkaline. 【Reference formula】The important ingredients are similar to individual washing powder (10301) and diluted washing powder (10302). Its reference formula is shown in Table 1-36. Table 1-36 Reference formula of low phosphorus washing powder / Dosage of components / part of LAS 15.00 STPP 6.00AEO -9 3.00 CMC 1.0 sodium carbonate 11. 00 31 increase agent 0.15 water glass 5. 00 flavor 0.154A Zeolite 15.00 Yuanming powder and water balance Supoo-l 6.00 【Preparation method】 Refer to the dry mixing method or agglomeration forming method in the diluted washing powder (10302). 【Product Standard】 P: 0, the quality score is less than 7%, and other indicators refer to GB/T 13171-1997. 【Usage】Wash all kinds of fabrics.
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