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Nets should be how to wash - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Sold on the market of the nets, the fabric with pure cotton yarn, polyester/cotton yarn, silk and polyester yarn. Different fabrics, its durability, economy, the permeability is different.

( 1) Cotton yarn nets.

permeability is generally, sturdy and durable, cheap, but relatively large volume, and the bibulous rate is high, washing more difficult.

( 2) Silk bed nets.

qualitative light, soft, small volume, easy to wash, easy to carry, but is a bit poor permeability, not crisp, also more expensive.

( 3) Nylon, polyester mosquito nets.

good permeability, qualitative light, soft, crisp, sturdy and durable, easy washing, don't eat by moth, appropriate price.

the three nets, such as nylon, polyester chemical fiber nets is best. But no matter what kind of mosquito nets, when the choose and buy must pay attention to the surface is clean, fresh color, equal pitch, two pieces of paper pattern is symmetrical, the length, geographic straight, tent top stitching and account transfer, carrying no off line, no holes, no blotch and anxiety, and the long enough, and according to the size of the used his berth, the choice nets (width size and form of A rectangle or dome shape) 。

these bed nets, the first 2 - with clear water 3 minutes, wash away the surface dust, 2 - washing powder 3 TBSP, put a basin of cool water, dissolves into bed nets, immerse 15 - 20 minutes and rub gently with the hand. Do not use hot water, otherwise it will deformation, after rinse, hang to dry in ventilated place. Wash bed nets, want to use plastic bags or cloth wrapped after fold it neatly, separately store, don't put mothballs, if stored and other clothing, mothballs wrapped in white paper, on the corners of bin, do not contact with synthetic fiber bed nets. Otherwise it will reduce intensity, appear stains.
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