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New fabrics of flax clothes use saline soak? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
New fabrics of flax clothes use saline soak? General everybody bought new clothes will wash it again first, such as jeans is soaked in brine is not easy to rub off, so the linen clothes use salt water bubble? The answer is yes, linen clothes can be soaked in brine. First of all, salt has the effect of antivirus, and may remain on new clothes have a carcinogenic chemical formaldehyde anti-wrinkle treatment, so before in salt water immersion after washing to wear. Secondly, a lot of the color of the clothes are floating up, when the brine density is greater than the clothes on bleaching of color density, won't rub off.

flax fabric clothes basic washing method:

1) brunet with light color wash separately: mix will cause the color each other;

2. Dark linen cloth for the first time (with white vinegar + water first before entering the water White vinegar: water, 1:20) About 20 ~ 30 minutes or use saline soak comparison can keep primary colors;

(3) shall not use bleach. Blue star with without enzyme belt material particles detergent washing, because enzymatic detergent has bleaching, influential to flax fabric color;

4. Hand washing linen fabric clothes, as far as possible need not washing machines and brush, so can effectively keep the flax fabric color;

5. Avoid direct sunshine insolate: sun direct exposure can cause severe oxidation fade phenomenon.
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