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by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Who hasn't a bear children? Freshly washed clothes are always dirty, in fact, as long as a little it, easy clean clothes, and buy new.

1, clothes yellow

clothes long hard to avoid yellow, especially the white T-shirt. Just put the rice washing water in orange peel after heating, the yellow clothes soaked in it, rub one or two can be easily recover white, not only does not hurt the skin also does not damage the fabric.

2, clothing perspiration

with perspiration on the clothes is not only ugly also bad. Simply add 2 teaspoons of ammonia or when washing salt, soak a few minutes later a rub gently, then rinse with water, in addition to the perspiration is ~

3, clothes smell

soaked the clothes in the concentration of 5% vinegar water ( White vinegar and water ratio of 1:20) After ten minutes, and then to regular cleaning, clothing will not smell!

4, hotpot oil

when eating hot pot, accidentally stained oily be soiled clothes. Just put the toothpaste with clear water evenly daub is on the oily be soiled, gently rub oil stains and remove easily, even white clothes never afraid of the infected with oily be soiled, too.

5, clothing handwriting

soak the clothes accidentally infected with handwriting part in spirit erguotou, then clean with washing powder can be easily remove handwriting, or pour milk in besmirch, touch water to rub a rub can easily except the handwriting ~

6 tea stains, coffee stains

just catch tea stains, coffee stains clothing, immediately with 70 degrees of hot water to wash. If the old tea stains, coffee stains, concentrated salt water soak again after cleaning can be available. The concentration of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution ( Normal drugstore to buy) Or glycerine solution can be easily remove coffee stains.

7, lipstick mark

makeup change clothes, the clothes accidentally rubbed the lipstick mark, only with a clean cloth dipped in bubble water or soda water, gently pat the lipstick mark, can easily remove the lipstick mark.

8, plaster trace

will add a few drops of water or alcohol spirit erguotou, stir well, pour in the place where is stained with plaster stains, rub a few times and then rinse clean with clear water only can, or will base surface traces in plaster, with warm water, knead a few times, can remove the stains.
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