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New should buy clothes to wash? How to wash? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
There's a lot of love in my spare time to go shopping or shopping clothes, get their favorite clothes always wanted to wear the first time in the body, rather than new clothes washed first.

new clothes to the factory to produce taste itself may be stained with oil and dust in the air, hanging sometimes will be shipped to store different people try it on, and online shopping clothes is more experienced multichannel pass before delivery to the user. In order to stay healthy, new dress suggested to wash and wear.

for the above reasons cause the smell of new clothes, the sweat be soiled clothes left than usual, oily be soiled, such as wash the stain, dispel was more easy. Suggest to use salt water to soak for half an hour, or with sterilization function of laundry washing.

wash before, be sure to carefully check the clothes washing labels, will wash clothes according to the different material, color classification, avoid new clothes color string of embarrassing situation. In the washing machine into a color piece, low temperature 30 ℃ after washing dry quickly.
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