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New textile cleaned after use - at a time Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
1, what is the pH value of textiles?

the pH value of textiles generally refers to the cloth is acidic or alkaline, common testing methods are extraction method, testing the pH of the water after the textiles with water extraction, its pH value is measured with a pH meter is accurate.

2, pH value, and we have to do?

any material has its own acid-base properties, a person's skin is no exception. Healthy skin pH 5. 0 to 5. Between 6, is a weak acid. If the pH value of textiles for alkaline, so after contact with body will damage the surface of the skin pH value, cause skin health, skin protection function, it is easier for bacteria enter the body.

3, how much the pH value of textiles for qualified?

textile safety standards in the provisions of the state, class A baby ( Within 36 months of infants and young children, Supplies the pH of 4. 0 - 7. 5, class B textiles have direct contact with the skin's pH value is 4. 0 - 8. 5 ( Such as underwear, towels, bedding, etc. ) Textiles, class C is not direct contact with the skin ( As the curtain) The PH value of 4. 0 - 9. 0.

why new textile washing before use?


according to the national safety standards of textiles, textiles must indicate on the tags or trademarks of national standard and classification, such as GB18401 - 2010 B class, everybody when buying clothes, towels and other items can have a look at, there is no such identification is not safe.

new textile washing once again after use, it will greatly improve the safety.
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