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Note - dry cleaner clothes wet friction resistant degrees Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Wet rubbing fastness is refers to the degree of dyed fabric after friction rub off and wet rubbing fastness with white cloth dipped in color degree as evaluation principle, is divided into five level ( 1 ~ 5) Said, the greater the value, the better the wet rubbing fastness. The service life of the wet rubbing fastness of the fabric is restricted, so dry cleaners in the treatment of the items be careful not to damage the wet rubbing fastness.

1, dye performance

some good water soluble dyes, such as reactive dye, containing water soluble groups, dissolved in the process of clothing repair for dyeing and dyeing. However, experts in the process of clothes wet rubbing test found that due to the presence of water, can make the reactive dye molecules generated from fiber and tend to dissolve in water, thus reducing reactive dyes and fiber bonding. And some of the poor water soluble dyes, such as VAT dye, in the process of continuous pad dyeing with suspension state commonly mechanically pad dyeing to the fiber, by reducing steaming, become on of water-soluble dye leuco dye in the fiber, and then after oxidation, soap boiling, fixation on fiber, at this point, returned to the water-insoluble state VAT dye molecule. So VAT dye dyeing of fabrics because of its dyeing dye water-insoluble quality and make it resistant to wet rubbing fastness is better than that of dyed fabric dyeing with reactive dyes.

2, the color depth ( The dye concentration)

in fabric pretreatment and dyeing process are under the same conditions, the deeper the color, the higher the concentration of dye, dye molecules between friction test fabric with white cloth concentration gradient, the greater the dye transfer to the greater the likelihood of white cloth, via the friction resistant to wet rubbing fastness is the worse.

3, the influence of floating color,

floating color including hydrolyzed dye and hydrolysis has been dye react with fiber. Dry cleaning franchise store these dyes by hydrogen bonding, van der Waals force and fibers attract together, between the fiber and the affinity is very low, is smaller when the external force can easily be pulled away from fabric. So floating color is resistant to wet rubbing fastness of the fabric of an important factor.

4, the influence of water quality,

if you use a hard water to dissolve material, especially the fixation fluid, due to containing CO32 - 哦, Such as anionic, they react with Ca2 +, magnesium 2 + generated Ca2CO3, MgCO3 etc. Insoluble substance. The insoluble material and dye together, form a lake and deposit to the fabric surface, increase the friction force when friction greatly, resulting in lower resistance to wet rubbing fastness. In addition, Ca2 +, magnesium 2 + can react with some anions on the dye molecules, into a substance does not dissolve in water, so as to weaken the hydrophilicity of dye, the dye is not easy to dissolve and diffusion, water floating color is not easy to wash off.

5, fabric structure and surface finish

the fabric structure affect the softness of the fabric surface, and smooth degree determines the size when the friction test the friction, friction fastness.

fabric resistant to wet rubbing fastness of another important factor is the fabric surface finish. Fiber end exposed on the surface of the yarn, thus in the fabric surface to form a layer of fuzz. This layer of fuzz in dyeing and finishing process, are under constant friction, flushing, and fabric has very poor adhesion of, again by external force, some short chopped from fabric and staining to the white cloth. In the process of production, grinding fleece worse than mercerized cloth rubbing fastness to 0. Level 5 to 1.
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