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Nylon clothes can prevent bask in, please Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Fabric is nylon clothes can prevent bask in? Summer streets everywhere sells a new type of bao ruchan ala is prevented bask in clothes, and some of them have a kind of is made of nylon fabric to prevent bask in clothes, merchant is always in the flag of sunscreen recommend this cheap products, so there are a lot of people to look good and cheap nylon is prevented bask in clothes, so does it prevent bask in clothes fabric? To understand together.

nylon is the Chinese name of polyamide fibre, translated name also called & other; Nylon & throughout; Or & other; Nylon & throughout; 。 What is the distinguishing feature of polyamide is prevented bask in clothes?

a, polyamide fiber strength, good abrasion resistance, in the first of all fiber. This is nylon is used as one of the reasons for the raw material of mountaineering wear, prevent bask in clothes. Nylon clothes are usually made of long durability, not easy to wear and tear.

2, nylon fabric flexibility and elasticity recovery is wonderful, but prone to deformation under small external force, so the nylon clothing in crease, wearing process affect the appearance.

3, polyamide fiber is ventilated permeability is poor, prone to static electricity. So had better not to wear the underwear of polyamide fiber as raw material, in order to prevent harm to human body.

4, polyamide fiber fabric moisture absorption in the synthetic fiber fabric belongs to the good varieties, thus made of nylon clothing than polyester clothing wear comfortable. Say so you have time can also go to have a look at the days silk cotton and pure cotton which good, I believe you will understand.

5, polyamide fiber had good decay resistance, corrosion resistance, is relatively easy on save.

6, polyamide fiber heat light fastness is not good enough, ironing temperature should be controlled under 140 degrees. In use process should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance related conditions, so as to avoid damage to the fabric.

7, polyamide fiber fabric is a lightweight fabric, in synthetic fabrics after polypropylene, acrylic fabric, therefore, is suitable for making mountaineering wear, winter clothes, etc.

polyamide fiber fabrics can be divided into pure yarn and blended and interwoven fabric three categories, each categories are included in many varieties. Polyamide fiber pure yarn fabric is pure nylon yarn as raw material made of various fabrics, such as nylon taffeta, polyamide fiber crepe, etc. Polyamide fiber blended and interwoven fabric is using polyamide fiber blended with other fibers or woven fabric, such as glue/kam gabardine.

is prevented bask in clothes fabric? Experiments show that in the untreated fibers, is best with the anti-ultraviolet polyester fibers, polyester fibers absorb ultraviolet effects of molecular structure of benzene ring, chemical fiber nylon is viscose, rayon, etc. , of nylon plastic uv resistance than polyester. So, should try to choose polyester fiber as raw materials of uv sunscreen clothing brand.
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