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Pajamas how should clean _ in this way can wash wash it clean - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Pajamas has been treated as home dress, wearing it make people relax, must have in your life, if there were no pajamas, feel is wearing a suit all day, is not happy, to see how long pajamas wash is better? How to wash to wash clean pajamas!

how long pajamas wash is better?

laundry every day is a good health habits.

in outdoor clothes during the day people will most likely be stained with dust, therefore, put on my pajamas when sleeping, to avoid the bacteria, dust to the bed, this is the habit of attention to health. But for a long time not to wash my pajamas also could cause skin problems such as infection, suggest that at least once a week to wash my pajamas.

how to wash to wash clean pajamas?

1, clean pajamas, should with cold water or warm water below 40 degrees and generally neutral detergent or underwear special detergent, with handle gently clean pajamas.

2, use detergent, cannot too much, otherwise will bring pajamas texture burden, damage of pajamas in life.

3, clean pajamas, should add detergent in warm water, after being completely dissolved to put pajamas in warm water.

4, avoid by all means detergent can not directly contact with pajamas, avoid color pajamas faded or uneven.

5, do not use bleach when clean pajamas, because chlorine bleach can damage the fabrics of clothes even yellow pajamas.

6, because the sun is easy pajamas metamorphism, yellowing, affect the service life of it, so it is clean pajamas should be placed in the shade to dry.
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