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Pearl fiber fabrics such as clothes washing and maintenance - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Pearl fiber fabrics such as clothes washing and maintenance? Pearl fiber has peculiar to pearl skin care function and function of uv resistance, and has excellent moisture absorption moisture regain, comfortable feel and performance, suitable for production of high-grade underwear close-fitting clothing, etc. Pearl fiber can be applied to the bra and shorts, T - T-shirts, vests, pajamas, sportswear and other close-fitting clothes.

the correct washing suggestion:

1. Lotion is directly on the clothes, should be dissolved in water will again after underwear income, also cannot use hot water, hot water will make the clothes less resilient, strong alkaline detergent alkaline is too strong, can make clothing yellow, very ugly;

2. Hand wash as far as possible;

3. Not dark and printing will wash mix, in order to avoid contamination;

4. Do not use bleach, lest the material go bad, embrittlement ( Colored underwear must not be bleached) 。

the correct choice of detergent:

1. Please use weak alkaline or neutral detergent, or sperm washing with cold, in addition to the wash feeling good, and can reduce the fade, discolor anxiety.

2. Do not use chlorine bleach water, become angry in case.

pearl fiber fabrics such as clothes washing and maintenance

the correct method of washing:

1. Washing points

( 1) To wash and short time

( 2) Wash very clean

( 3) Knead gently wash speed dry

2. Washing

washed by hand in cold water, drop a little detergent in it ( Detergent is not completely dissolved before, to prevent a spot, please don't put underwear in) For a moment and put underwear in immersion ( About 5 ~ 10 minutes, if the time is too long, dirt and will adhere to the clothing above) 。 Residual detergents is easy to cause discoloration, harmful to the skin, please clean with clear water full ( Do not soak in water for long, because the chlorine in the water can make underwear. )

the correct air way:

1. After washing hands gently squeeze out the moisture, left a few times, flattening, smoothed out wrinkles as far as possible, to hang up.

2. Immediately after washing to dry to avoid long in wet conditions, buckling and fade.

3. Direct sunlight is comfortable warm clothes fade, cloth, weakening of indoor heating will cause yellowing, please avoid.
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