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Piece of laundry use effect really so mysterious? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Environmental pollution is more and more serious, cleaning field also fast development, the traditional product safety and adaptability to the human body is the shift, not how mean people's request, but I hope not, don't bad mood, a lot of unscrupulous businessmen for their own selfish interests of consumers to purchase products by grinding washing industry do have very good development prospects, laundry also already thorough popular feeling, a little piece of laundry piece why can have such a magical effect of laundry?

1, a 4 g & other; Throughout the paper &; Can let the 3 kg - The clothes of 4 kg magically clean! This is the charm of nano super enrichment technology. Laundry tablets used is the cutting edge of technology, a new water formula, let laundry water intangible, transparent health!

2, 8 times clean! Laundry clean force 8 times that of laundry detergent, but weight is less than 1/25 of laundry detergent.

3, no phosphorus, laundry plant environment, protect the health of you to protect your life environment traditional washing products technology lag behind, often use phosphorous chemicals as additives. But phosphorus can irritate the skin and cause damage, phosphorous sewage are released into rivers, lakes, the water ecological system is destroyed, will seriously affect water quality.

4, without fluorescent whitening agent, an excess of fluorescent whitening agent to produce a harm to human body harm the skin excessive fluorescent whitening agent, as a result of a technical problem in the past, washing products in order to achieve clean effect, have to add fluorescent whitening agent, various countries have clear regulations on the additive, because the fluorescent whitening agent is hurt personal health. But laundry tablets directly without the additives, let you laundry, health health dress!

5, safety without adding, laundry tablets do not use any harmful additives, PH value neutral and is environmentally safe. So, laundry washing water used is harmless.

6, children's clothes cleaning, clean underwear, protect the skin, laundry sheet will give you the safest traditional washing products, harmful additives, hurt the skin, especially for children's skin is more likely to cause harm, we usually wear underwear residue will cause skin disease, etc. Using the eaves, laundry sheet no harm skin additives! Can be at ease use.

7, elegant and pure and fresh, laundry USES the international flavor, fragrance thick and not intense light and long, can reach the 36 - 48 hours, but also your clothes fresh and natural.
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