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Pleuche material to wash the clothes? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Pleuche fabrics feel silky, resilient, making clothes really pretty grade. But easy to wool, and after cleaning up easy to hard. Don't close skin. Use detergent to wash easy to make the fabric after hard, not soft. How to wash the pleuche material clothes?

pleuche material dry cleaning:

velvet clothes before washing, with soft bristle brush to clean dust on the surface of the velvet, knead gently wash them in gasoline - again For a dirty place, can focus on kneading a few times. Crowded in addition to the surface of a large number of gasoline, clean with a dry towel lapped, gently squeeze, as far as possible to the absorption of gas inside the remaining fabric towel, open the jitter clothes after a few times, hanging flat; Clothes will also be flat out on the table, with a soft brush dipped in gasoline suitable soft scrub, brush after dry can.

pleuche fabrics washed:

to use clean water to dust, and then into bubble up detergent water, to massage, do not use washboard or brown brush. The same when you wash, not halfway bubble in liquid detergent, a long time may damage the fibrous tissue of the fabric. And easy fade; After rinsing, should not be hard twist wring, slab can be placed gently squeeze out the water pressure, the dry in the shade.

fluffy lodging recovery method:

if the velvet collar and other small fabric in villi lodging, can put it in KaiShuiHu mouth with hot steam smoked, smoked while brush with wool, wool will erect; Area is larger, if fabric available to boil a pot of water basin, the water steam fumigation on fabric, pay attention to not too close from the surface, leaving 6 ~ 9 cm, brush with wool smoked while brushing lodging place, suede will be smoked whole again, restore beautiful.
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