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Polo fabrics of Chinese fir how to wash? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Polo washing fabrics of Chinese fir? Polo Chinese fir fabric washing method, when it comes to Polo fabrics of Chinese fir, believe that everyone is satisfied to the fabrics, a lot of people to wear clothes of this kind of fabric is not burst. Started wearing Polo Chinese fir this fabric is very popular for people, most people think Polo fabrics of Chinese fir feels very comfortable, and quality is quite good, but how many friends for Polo Chinese fir fabrics catharsis and confused, some people will ask Polo Chinese fir fabric washing up good washing? Today, let me to introduce the Polo shan fabric washing method.

Polo washing fabrics of Chinese fir? Polo shan fabric washing method?

method one:

first can choose below 30 ℃ water it is best to wash with warm water or can also choose to dry cleaning. It is important to note that Polo Chinese fir is best not to bleach, drying, first to clothing by eversion introversion, must remember deep light color clothes to wash, to separate this can well prevent clothes color dyeing with each other, and then of placemat finishing with low temperature, be sure to reverse wash opposite dry, after washing clean, can choose the flat to dry in the shade. Remember that can't be the sun exposure.

method 2:

if you have any color of the Polo is for Chinese fir, when catharsis, of course, how much is a little color will be back, so when washing the Polo Chinese fir is best should be separated from other garments. Ordinary washing is washed by hand in cold water, when the Polo are Chinese fir 5 - soak in cold water 6 minutes, best time shoulds not be too long to remember, don't use the detergent containing bleach to wash the Polo Chinese fir fabric clothes, only need to use ordinary detergent washing is ok, it is best to wash in cold water under 40 ℃. When washing Polo Chinese fir to avoid hard brush with the brush, also had better do not force the rub.

maintenance methods:

POLO shirt had better not in the sun insolates, should be in ventilation shade air buy work partly, put the weaker the sun to dry. At the same time, it is best to POLO shirt, in turn, air is basked in, in order to protect the colour and lustre of POLO shirt and wear life.
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