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Popular science explains the rules of hair care cosmetics in washing powder formula daily necessities

by:Jingliang     2022-11-30
The law of hair care cosmetics in washing powder formula daily necessities In the formula of washing powder in our country, the role of hair care cosmetics is to keep hair natural. In the name of health and beauty, it gives hair luster, softness and anger. Hair care cosmetics on the market There are many names and they are confusing. Here, the hair care cosmetics in the washing powder technique are classified as conditioners. Hair conditioners, hair tonics and other conditioners (including hair conditioners, baking ointments, sunscreen conditioners) , hair conditioner, styling conditioner, etc.). The concept of hair care almost exists at the same time as shampooing. No matter what method is used to shampoo, the hair will be damaged at different levels, so people always try to make the damaged hair get Repair. When using soap for hair earlier, use animal oil, egg yolk or scrubbing individually to make the hair look soft and shiny after washing. Conditioner is almost accepted by the public at the same time as shampoo. The all-in-one conditioning shampoo has been widely used, and the conditioner has received a certain level of infatuation. However, it has been proved through many years of spending that no matter how advanced the shampoo or conditioner has the effect of conditioning on the hair, it is not necessary to treat the conditioner after shampooing. The consequences of the hair are obvious. The raw materials in the formula of household detergent in washing powder are different from the raw materials of daily necessities, but the production method of detergent skills is very similar to that of daily necessities, so the production of daily necessities of washing powder is equivalent to the skills
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