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Popular science, what is the classification of auxiliaries for processing laundry detergent formulations?

by:Jingliang     2022-12-01
What is the classification of auxiliaries for processing laundry detergent formulations? The auxiliaries in the formula of washing powder include inorganic auxiliaries and organic auxiliaries. The inorganic auxiliaries are alkaline individually, mainly including phosphates, silicates, carbonates, sodium sulfate, etc. The amount of organic auxiliaries is very small, but its Auxiliaries are no less than inorganic auxiliaries, etc. The classification of washing powder technical auxiliaries is in the terminology of nominal active agents. In addition to active substances, there are so many kinds of raw materials of washing powder. 1. The additive is the auxiliary component of the washing powder. It imparts properties unrelated to washing, such as optical brighteners, anti-corrosion agents, antistatic agents, color flavors, bactericides, and the individual dosage of the additive is very small. 2. Detergent builder is the auxiliary component of washing powder, and individual is inorganic, which strengthens the washing characteristics of important ingredients in washing effect. 3. Anti-redeposition agent is a help component of washing powder, usually organic, which gives washing powder the property of avoiding re-deposition. 4. Under the premise of control, chemical bleaching agent acts on fabrics or other materials, and converts substances that have an adverse effect on the appearance and color of materials into light-colored products through chemical action of oxidation or reduction. 5. Chelating agents, exist How many electron-donor groups have molecular structures of substances that can bind to metal ions through chelation. In daily life, people do not add detergent auxiliaries in the formula of detergent. That is because the characteristics of detergent technical products do not require auxiliaries. Only detergent can remove the oil stains on food tableware in kitchens and restaurants. yes target
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