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Popular science: What is the future development of washing powder, and what is the difference between bulk and detergent?

by:Jingliang     2022-11-30
Our bulk detergent technology can distinguish the production of high, medium and low-grade products, which may be suitable for the use of various people in the market. They are produced according to the quality standards required by consumers in the process of use, and are produced by the technology in our factory. Our products can be comparable to the products in terms of appearance, color and use effect! The formula is complete, and its product quality, taste, function, cost, color, fragrance and consistency can meet the needs of many people. The formula of detergent in our factory can be adjusted arbitrarily and customized, and the detergent we have trained can reach the national standard! Among the technical products of detergent, our factory is produced by scientific formula, a kind of technical product of detergent powder. The quality of its washing results is closely related to its formula. Our factory has received the essence of domestic and foreign washing powder formulas, combined with the actual situation of my country's chemical industry, through countless experiments and data analysis by all scientific and technological R&D personnel in our unit. It is a scientific, practical and practical skill! In the fiercely competitive market at the time, dishwashing detergent is formulated from our commonly used nominal active agents, which can be used for the washing of tableware, cooking utensils, vegetables and fruits. The main washing objects are oil stains on tableware, fertilizers and pesticides on fruits and vegetables, etc., which have good wetting, solubilizing and emulsifying abilities. It can meet the needs of most consumers, it is a variety of consumer utilization, and it is also the most expensive household laundry detergent. Dishwashing detergent formula is a typical light-duty laundry detergent used in people's kitchens. Therefore, it is deeply loved by people in life. In the future, the washing powder industry will also be favored by more consumers. In recent years, the wholesale and retail sales of liquid tableware washing powder formula products have been increasing in my country. The development of new products is gradually developing towards dilution type washing powder technical products, and more and more manufacturers are being studied and utilized in the formulation of new nominal active agents; while increasing the concentration of active substances, it is emphasized that it is flat on the skin and beneficial to the environment. Also described in this section are experimental methods for evaluating hand dishwashing laundry detergent products. At the same time, our factory teaches washing powder skills training (handmade production does not require equipment), come to the factory to learn 600 yuan, one-to-one leadership by skilled personnel, the raw material formula is free for you to deploy until you are satisfied with the study, what is the difference in the current production process? Understand, you may tell us by phone or video, our factory will definitely answer the questions you need. Buy CD-ROM DVD (double-disc) 300 yuan (with a book version of detergent formula and skills information), learn as you go, come to the factory for three days and fail to learn, our factory will reimburse the round-trip fare. After purchasing the DVD, please watch the video teaching carefully. If you still do not understand, please call and let us know. We will definitely use the phone or video to answer you at any time. We welcome friends who want to develop in the washing powder industry to join us.
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