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Practical tips - laundry tablets Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Laundry is now laundry washing market of new products, a lot of friends first bought laundry, fairly light fashion; Now are more comfortable with people in general improvement in living standards and quality requirements. But may all don't know accurate usage of laundry sheet, the following benefits.

a, hand washing:

the dosage: take 5 ~ 7 pieces of clothing, underwear and baby clothes can also be clean;

usage: according to the number needed to clean clothes, put an equal amount of laundry into the water, stir, add clothes washed, laundry water formula is more easy to clean, do not need to wash clothes too much, waste of water resources at the same time also save their own time.

if simply to perspiration, dust, and can put laundry tablets dissolve into the water, add clothes for 15 ~ 20 minutes covered, if white shirt collarband besmirch is more serious, such as laundry to tear into strips, can be put in the place of besmirch, covered dissolves rub a rub with the hand, and then clean water rinse can put the clothes clean. Easy clean laundry water formula, environmental protection, clean out clothes fresh fragrance.

remind everybody: clean clothes not appear more bubbles can clean clean, bubble clean trouble, more flush times also laundry detergent residues, laundry detergent washing powder contains some of the harmful material, for a long time will cause great harm to human body health, especially for women and infant health. Laundry sheet does not contain harmful substances, can quickly clean decontamination, pure and fresh fragrance, refreshed every day.

2, machine wash:

first put the clothes into the washing machine, and choose the dosage of the laundry tablets, according to the number of clothing and put the laundry in the washing machines, press the start button. Fashion, simple and convenient.

warm reminder: the color and the material is not the same clothes you'd better wash separately, in order to make sure the color of the clothes contamination.

clean clothes coup essential:

laundry is a new type of washing products, water formula, healthy environmental protection free from contamination, do not contain fluorescent agent does not contain phosphorus, excluding talcum powder, can better protect babies and women's health, protecting color solid color, fragrant, lasting protective clothing as well as protect the health of their own, laundry tablets give you different experience of washing, let you have the fashion tide washing life of luxury.

many friends because of a clothes on after cleaning besmirch hard, will have to put it to the closet. But a lot of stains, not wash not to drop, but the choice of cleaning products are not able to remove stains and cleaning in the right way.

share clean small tips:

1, the collar of my shirt, tear strip laundry tablets on the neckline position, melts with the hand rub a rub, rub, rinse with water.

2, many people think of cleaning with hot water be soiled clothes can quickly take out, but is the wrong approach. Because people sweat contains salt and substances such as protein, protein once heating solidification on the clothing, easy to cause yellow clothes, so do not recommend wash with hot water, put the laundry into the normal temperature water, stir to put be soiled clothes in soak 5 ~ 10 minutes, rub to clean off residual perspiration, also can make clothing lasting fragrance.

3, red wine stains are a lot of trouble, whether on the dress or shirt, catharsis things for right way is to clean it up. Remove wine stains, first of all, according to the area the size of the wine stain with white wine or alcohol, with the right amount of liquor or rubbing alcohol. With a laundry to wash.

4, blood is normally not touched on, but if the clothes accidentally stained with blood, available light salt water for cleaning; Tear in laundry slices on the blood dissolved after rub a rub, rub, then wash with water. Note: clean with hot water, because the blood contains protein, preheating of solidification is not easy to melt.
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