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Pregnant women radiation protection suits can wash it _ what should be paid attention to when pregnant women radiation protection clothing washing - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Radiation protection suits is made with metal fiber blended fabric, reduce or electromagnetic radiation shielding, wave radiation effect of clothing, manufacturing process is more complicated. Civilian radiation protection clothing industry in the late 1990 s originated in China, has experienced more than ten years of development have sprung up high radiation proof clothes, etc a batch of excellent brand, the development of industry is maturing.

a lot of people think radiation protection clothing to cover mobile signal in order to be effective, but this is not the case, such as metallized material radiation protection suits while it is possible to cover the cell phone signals, but with a coating fabric washing, can not contact with the skin, not breathe freely, and many other side effects, other can, at present has also been eliminated by most enterprises, the other in a different environment test results will be different, so the package cell phone test is not science.

, that pregnant women radiation protection suits can wash it

pregnant women radiation protection clothing in addition to ordinary clothes to keep warm, dress up effect, the biggest role is to be able to help the pregnant mother improve radiation protection ability. And fabrics contained in the metal component, is to help pregnant mother important factor to raise the capacity of radiation protection. As a result, everyone is worried about washing can lead to the fabric of metal components, such as oxidation and abrasion damage clothing radiation protection performance.

in order to solve the pregnant mother's concern, China consumers' association in 2016, radiation protection suits experiment, besides the experiment effect on pregnant women radiation protection suits, also the washing comparison test. Test results showed that pregnant women radiation protection suits after single washing, shielding effect.

especially optimal addition, a sweet smell, etc. A few professional brand to provide samples of radiation protection suits, shielding effect has no obvious change after washing. Therefore, pregnant women radiation proof clothes can be washed.

2, pregnant women should be paid attention to radiation protection clothing washing when what

tested, although confirmed that pregnant women radiation proof clothes to wash, but after all pregnant women radiation protection clothing is more special, in order to does not destroy its shielding effect as far as possible, pair or recommend washing in pregnant women radiation proof clothes, pay attention to the following.

1, washed by hand instead of machine wash

maximum principle, it is clear to all, radiation proof clothes neatly dense metal net under the powerful flip of the washing machine is easy to damage, metal mesh damage easily influence protective effect, is the right way to open the hand washing, gentle hand washing, see no more than ordinary clothes in the washing time, the pregnant mother still need reluctant do as well.

2, neutral detergent + water

laundry detergent instead of detergent or soap, laundry detergent can be divided into neutral, acidic and alkaline, can only choose neuter. At the time of cleaning can only choose pure water, tap water can contain large amounts of chlorine, chlorine can accelerate radiation protection clothing metal oxide.

3, drying and maintenance

to dry clean is directly picked up dry, not twisting, the above principle, to prevent the damage of metal mesh neatly intensity, impact protection. Clean when not wearing, suggestion is to use a sealed bag turned up and hanging in the wardrobe.

can pregnant women radiation proof clothes to wash? Yes, timely cleaning does not cause much impact to pregnant women radiation protection suits.

just at the time of washing, need in accordance with the pair or merchants to wash washing method. In addition, when choosing pregnant women radiation protection suits, if you can give preference to add, add sweet etc, senior professional brand, the quality of the product when can more secure.
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