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Pregnant women with bleach water to wash clothes - what harm Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
In general, pregnant women can't be use bleach water to wash clothes. Although bleach water has good cleaning effect, but the bleaching contain a variety of chemical substances in the water, will be easy to stimulate the pregnant women, is not conducive to healthy pregnant women. Let's specific and see it!

a, pregnant women can use bleach water to wash clothes?

don't recommend that pregnant women use bleach water to wash clothes.

bleaching is chemicals, water molecules that may contain adverse to human body, for the sake of the mother and baby don't recommend that pregnant women use bleach water to wash clothes.

2, pregnant women with bleach water to wash clothes have what harm

on the market sell the detergent was probably toxic chemical products. If use undeserved, may cause contact with the skin irritation, respiratory symptoms such as pain or irritation, in the long run, may also hurt liver and immune system.

3, white clothes get dirty

1, strong detergent

suggest home to buy some powerful decontamination detergent, or targeted detergent, wash these detergents are protect enterprise carefully developed, laundry does not inferior to bleach water.

2, salt

if you drink or ink such as dark liquid to get on her white dress, immediately sprinkle salt on the stain, salt can absorb liquid, at the same time absorb most of the stain! Note that salt can only be effective for just with besmirch, dry stains won't work.

3, baking soda,

in the laundry water pour into baking soda, will have a night to besmirch white clothes soaking in the water, the baking soda can to stains and in addition to flavor, can soften hard water, so that there will be no stain on clothes soaked in residues, have the effect of cleaning.

4, lemon juice,

cut half a lemon, lemon juice daub on the stain, with a soft brush tooth has been MAO, and then rinse, also can purify besmirch, especially for alkaline stain is better.

5, bleach

in laundry bleach, note that if the water contains more iron, can not use chlorine bleach, chlorine and iron role will give the clothes with yellow, remember not to do so.

6, borax

in the washing machine pour a half cup of borax, regular pattern of washing can remove dirt and stains.


bleach water will stimulate mucosa, skin and respiratory tract, must be used with caution. If accidentally touch the eyes, to continuous flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes, if the skin, to rush to find clean with clear water immediately.
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