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Prospects - laundry tablets Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
, laundry tablets in the fastest-growing foreign
laundry sheet about 16 countries in Europe and the United States, the Middle East has large market share, and growing fast.

2, status quo and development trend of the technology of laundry formula,

the laundry compared with laundry detergent, there is an obvious advantage on the detergency, laundry in the use of nanotechnology, replaced the products in general antiseptic, jade-like stone Bai Zengguang agent content, etc. Have the advantage of mouldproof and moth-proofing. In the future there may be more flavor types, in order to satisfy the requirement of modern life for laundry scent.

3, laundry future trend

1, the recipe optimization

laundry sheet at the beginning because there is no good use of nanotechnology, the dissolution rate of the laundry sheet in water and decontamination ability is limited by a certain. Happily, the company constantly under concentrated research and development, the success of applying nanotechnology to laundry, laundry company also constantly update formula, believe in the near future, more laundry detergency and scent will become mainstream.
2, diversification of product function

laundry piece of functionality also mainly decontamination, most of the products on the market also claimed that has additional features such as soft or bacteriostatic. But these functions only play an auxiliary effect, cannot reach a specialized clothing fabric softeners or disinfectant effect. Today's consumers are increasingly high requirements of washing products, as well as safe environmental protection, do not hurt the skin and fabric, and easy to use and good effect. Can really replace multiple pieces of multifunctional laundry washing products, is bound to get the favour of broad consumer. To this, the company will vigorously carry out research and development, created to meet the market development, people demand the diversity of laundry.

3, product concentration

, for the moment, the formula for normal laundry market, concentrated, and countries have already put forward to the call of energy conservation and emissions reduction, both in laundry tablets and laundry detergent advocates concentrated products, reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution, to reach the purpose of more environmentally friendly. From the point of the price war of laundry tablets at present, the laundry's retail price is in line with the market, so prices make more consumers can choose laundry piece as the main product of washing clothes, not just for the white-collar personage of high-end products. According to this trend, in the near future, laundry will walk into the retail store, become the new favorite of the retail industry. Again from the volume of laundry tablets, small laundry more in line with the requirements of modern people's life, small, small, small laundry has strong decontamination ability, does not occupy a space.
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