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Real silk fabrics post-treatment - — Preshrinking, washing, sand washing - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Real silk fabrics of post-processing & ndash; — Preshrinking, washing, sand washing

a, preshrinking

in the first place, it must be noted that all the silk material will exist after washing to reduce the phenomenon, just different process or different shrinkage of real silk fabrics. Especially is knit fabric, such as along the fiber georgette, this kind of fabrics shrink up to 18% ~ 23%. Commonly so when customers buy georgette or crepe DE chine satin or to remind customers, this kind of fabric shrinkage is larger, or when guests without knowing it would think that is a product of your own existence flaw.

so, since the product shrink small, if it's the area of the original, the price will change. Total shrinkage value calculation is generally: the present total shrinkage value = * ( Shrinkage rate + 100%) 。


washed, as the name implies, is the silk fabrics in water bubble or flushing. Its purpose is to lay the original plain silk fiber breaking up, adjust the structure of its original, is the feel of the fabric more soft.

water because it is washed in the water, so also will produce shrink phenomenon, its price is usually based on the total shrinkage value price calculation or on the basis of the total shrinkage value plus 2 yuan water fee.

3, sand wash

sand washing, refers to the use of alkaline water to wash, with the fabric by alkali erosion of real silk fabrics, more serious erosion of silk fiber, make the fiber surface roughening and coarse. Through sand washed silk fabrics, from the surface looks as if there will be a layer of white or grey hair. True because of the serious erosion of alkali, make originally is hard fiber structure become loose, which are on the whole the whole piece of fabric more soft.

due to the different customers and sellers of sand wash the severity degree of different criteria, so if the guest request to buy sand washing products, general can now ask the guest to send the sample to come over, the seller through the sample to confirm the weight of the sand wash degree. Can never customers say sand light or medium sand, we can according to their degree of sand light or medium sand think to do, otherwise it is easy to appear the gap.

in addition, the sand washed silk fabrics are generally foreign customers like will be a little more, because they like this do old feeling, but in the domestic market is small.
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