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Red wine how to wash the clothes? I have a small coup! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Often attend functions, carelessly the red wine on her dress, if it is deep color clothes well, wash up, Don't have to wash the completely clean) , but things light color clothes were washed harder, there is always a light spot.

1 timely cleaning:

red wine once drip to clothes, you want to wash with water as soon as possible, red wine will be diluted, then use laundry detergent or detergent to clean clothes, and try not to use washing powder, the effect is not good, speaking from experience.

2, toothpaste for light color clothes:

with toothpaste, your clothing is white, or light color, toothpaste to wine, waiting for a few minutes, remove with clean water. If still show the stains of alcohol, and then clean with warm water, add some detergent.

3, with salt daub:

just with red wine, sprinkle with some salt, daub to wine, wait a few minutes, then wash with water, also want to use the laundry detergent. The amount of water to wash clothes, wash a few times as much as possible.

4, disinfectant bleaching:

general home have similar 84 disinfectant disinfection products, the connotation of the strong oxidation ingredients, can oxide pigment, achieve the effect of bleaching. Soaked with disinfectant, careful not to immerse the whole clothes, otherwise your whole clothes may be influenced by bleaching, makes the color fade. That thed loss outweights the gain. The wandering disinfectant effect is not very big, is suitable for washing the clothes, if you don't have a disinfectant can buy special laundry bleach.

5, yolk and glycerin mixture:

glycerol and yolk mixed first, in accordance with the 1:1 mixing volume, then apply the mixture to the red wine of coats, and then wait for three hours, with warm water after washing clothes. The water temperature is not strict, you can touch the feeling is warm water.
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