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Teach you do light color leather bags - right easily Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
The bag that light color gives a person the feeling, bright beautiful many mm are like, but do rise is difficult, and even do bad will only backfire, the sense that gives a person is very untidy, throughout the leather market, the material of the bag that is used in our daily life mainly is usually leather. Leather and maintenance is to have cultured, the following simple introduce about the daily maintenance of leather products, you might as well do the reference.

natural leather, leather harden color faded, mainly due to sun, rain, dust pollution and so on; The simple leather maintenance maintenance method is with a clean dry towel gently wipe up moisture and dirt on the leather, use leather cleaning fluid to clean up its ( Before the formal use of cleaning fluid can be inconspicuous corner to try. In order to avoid fade) With leather brightener besmear to brush a layer of thin. This will make leather keep soft and comfortable. Leather goods do not overload shing, avoid friction damage with coarse sharp objects, avoid sunlight in the hot sun, fire or extrusion, do not close to flammable items. Deserve to act the role of class metal guajian should avoid to be affected with damp be affected with damp, do not close to acidic items, please use soft dry cloth to wipe, often to keep if brightness is new.

leather adsorption force strong, should pay attention to antifouling, high-grade frosted leather pay particular attention to. If there is dirt on the leather, with a clean wet cotton cloth warm detergent wipe gently, and then allow it to dry naturally. Before the formal use detergent in inconspicuous corners to try out. In order to avoid fade. Leather wrinkle, can use an iron, the temperature in the 60 ℃ & ndash; Between 70 ℃. Iron thin cotton fabric for lining cloth should be used when ironing, want to keep moving the iron, at the same time so as not to scorch.

leather often should use leather maintenance liquid to wipe. But note that due to the difference of cortex choice leather maintains fluid is different, use it's best to ask the cortex, then daub leather maintains fluid in the bottom of the leather or inconspicuous place, such as the inside to test whether it fades.

leather suede ( Deerskin, fur, etc. ) Clear, animal with soft brush. Of this kind of leather is usually pinches of juice can spread easily and not easy to remove, so stay away from including with incidental things such as chewing gum or candy. In this kind of dirt, must wipe gently, in case of too much too hard and make the skin white, leave a mark.

the patent leather because it is easy to produce cracks, so must be particularly careful use, as long as usual with a soft cloth to wipe.

if breaks, leather cloth can touch a little special grease, then gently wipe.
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