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Teach you how to choose washing powder?

by:Jingliang     2022-12-01
I would like to ask how to buy washing powder? The operation specialist of the business department below will teach you the way. How should we choose a complete variety of washing powder? First, the sensory index values ​​of washing powder---color, taste, particle size, etc. can be used as a reference for our choice, some washing powder colors should be uniform; The original smell is odorless outside. If the washing powder turns red and smelly, the particle size is uneven, or the scenery is damp and agglomerated, it should not be used. 2. Choose different types and specifications of washing powder according to different cleaning goals. At this stage, the washing powder produced in my country is divided into four types and specifications according to the content of its specific substances: some washing powder and diluent washing powder are divided into A type. With Type B: Type A is that some washing powders have large and bulky particles, good solubility, and rich and colorful foam, but the detergency is definitely poor, and it is not easy to soak. Some are suitable for hand washing. Type B is Diluent-type laundry detergents have small particles, high density and small foam, but have strong detergency (less twice that of some detergents), easy to wash, thrifty and save tap water, and some are suitable for washing. Some people incorrectly think that the more foam the washing powder has, the better. In fact, it is not immediately negotiable how many boxes of detergent the foam contains.
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