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Teach you how to wash the clothes Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Washing clothes is not a simple throw the clothes into the washing machine, or it is ok to use hand rub, wash the clothes in the little thing is actually a university asked, here is to introduce the correct steps to wash the clothes.

before washing 1, classification

according to the color classification: first will pick out the dark or bright clothes, not mixed with light color wash ( Because of the dark clothes rub off the possibility of a class) ;

classification according to the thickness: silk, light mesh fabric clothing, underwear, socks, hosiery, or easy to deformation had better not machine wash, to avoid damage.

the fiber raw material classification: containing wool or special cloth should be singled out before dry cleaning, otherwise it will cause milling, deformation.

2, check the clothing

check for items (clothing pocket Avoid pollution when washing clothes or wear machine) ; Has special dirt clothes should be after scouring process again with the same kind of clothes washing; To fall off the parts, accessories, accessories and so on should be seam prison again with the same kind of clothes after washing, avoid loss; Have a clasp or of all sorts of clothing, washing the clothes should be button or close the zipper, to avoid deformation. Cardigan sweater, for example, such as clothing, buckle the button type growth Jane, travel clothes transverse wide loops to change the ratio of wide to long, often shorter length, the width will be broadening.

the washing method

1. Soak before washing. Before washing the clothes in the champions league, laundry solution soak 10 ~ 14 minutes, let the detergent and dirt dirt on clothes to work, and then washing. In this way, can make the machine running time of the half, power consumption is also corresponding reduced by half.

2, color washing, first light after dark. Different colors of clothes to wash, wash not only clean, but also wash quickly, wash can shorten than mixing them a third time.

3, after the first thin thickness. General thin soft texture of chemical fiber, silk fabric, four or five minutes to wash, and thick texture of cotton, wool to ten minutes to wash. Thickness, respectively, to wash, wash than mixing them can effectively reduce the running time of the washing machine.

4, rated capacity. If the washing capacity: too little, electricity consumption in vain; On the other hand, a wash too much, not only can increase the washing time, and will cause the motor overload operation, both increased power consumption, and easy to make the motor damage.

5, water consumption, moderate shoulds not be too much or too little. Water too much, can increase the water pressure of wave plates, aggravate the burden of motor, increase power consumption; Water is too little, and can affect washing clothes when the up-and-down, increase the washing time, increase power consumption.

6, correctly grasp the washing time, avoid invalid action. How clothes XiJingDu, primarily with clothes dirt, the variety of detergents and the degree of concentration, and with the washing is not proportional to the time. In excess of the prescribed, washing time, XiJingDu also won't have big increase, while the electricity consumed in vain.
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