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Teach you the shawl - washing finishing method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Shawl with winter maintenance washing

suggest conditional woman USES dry-clean, unconditionally can also be washed by hand, hand washing high-grade cashmere products should be taken as follows:

1, cashmere products is made of a kind of precious cashmere raw material, because the cashmere has the characteristics of light, soft, warm, smooth, household washing preferably separate wash by hand ( Don't wash) mixed with the other clothes ; Not together with color cashmere products also shoulds not be washing, in order to avoid color.

2, before you wash cashmere products measured good records. Coffee, fruit juice and blood stained with cashmere products, should send cleaners and dyers washing.

3, soak in cold water for 5 to 10 minutes before washing, Jacquard or multicolor cashmere products should not be soaked) , leaching and squeezing gently with both hands in the water at the same time. Soak extrusion is the purpose of the attached to the internal grime from cashmere fiber and into the water, another part of the loose dirt wetting. After soaking hands gently squeeze in addition to water, add about 35 ℃ in neutral detergent soak while gently squeeze the wash with hands, never with hot, soapy water, can't rub, cannot use containing high alkaline detergent to wash, can appear otherwise fulling rolling and making felts and deformation. When catharsis cashmere products in the family, can wash with shampoo. Because the cashmere fiber is protein fiber, afraid of high alkaline detergent, and shampoo is more & other; Mild & throughout; Neutral detergent.

4, after washing the cashmere products need & other; Lead acid & throughout; ( The washed cashmere products on containing the right amount of glacial acetic acid solution soak) To neutralize residual soap lye in cashmere, improve gloss, fabric of wool fiber protection, and in & other; Lead acid & throughout; If no glacial acetic acid can also be used in the program edible vinegar instead of, but also need once after acid water.

5, with about 30 ℃ after rinse clean, softener quantity according to the instructions in the to form a complete set, will feel better.

6, will be out of the water in the cashmere products, after washing in the washing machine to take off the tank into a net dehydration.

7, will be dehydrated cashmere sweater after flat out on the table over towelling coverlet, amount to the original size with a ruler, with the hand into the prototype air-dried, hanging exposure of avoid by all means.

8, air-dried, available medium temperature ( About 140 ℃) Steam iron flat iron, iron and cashmere products from 0. 5 ~ 1 cm distance, avoid by all means pressure on it, such as wet towel by other iron must be pad.

if you want to use the shawl iron can be used directly without words, believe in the use of frequency will increase greatly, in this to introduce you to four is not easy to produce crepe fold, does not occupy a space and is convenient to find and collection methods. Might as well according to your actual need to give it a try.

( 1) Available suit pants hanger, fold filar towel can use immediately the status of the hanging, and clamps, access is very convenient.

( 2) Use cardboard collection of small drawer, can choose 30 cm width of the products, will be converted into a quarter of the silk scarves and folded after collection.

( 3) More than will be folded shawl on a hanger, fixed and used clothes pin, that it would leave a mark on filar towel and clothes pin, can use thick paper between clip and scarves.

( 4) Into a quarter the size of the shawl and put into a multi-layer inner folder, collection, as long as the folder will be flat, won't produce crepe fold, and be clear at a glance.

the shawl collection method - - Will hang ear using the aluminum foil wrapped up: a year in the winter collection shawl from the closet, whether hanging ear bending and often happen, how to iron can eliminate the phenomenon?

in this suggest you in long-term collection, want to hanging ears first tidy and neat, and then wrapped in aluminium foil. Scarf collection method - - With tissue paper wrapped up to avoid aliasing: after combing the hanging ear part, folding inward, with permeability good tissue paper to scarf wrapped up carefully, can prevent hanging ear knot already, mouldproof, otherwise the next two years, when using see beyond recognition shawl, it is too late to regret.
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